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  • Lol I was accepting a friend request and I saw your avi and I was like "He got good taste" xD

    I have been good. Just chillin, got xbox live now too. : D How have you been?
    Not yet. I want to start this semester. I'm not back in Berkeley til the 13th or I'd go to the one on Saturday.
    Hey I'm the guy in Berkeley that responded to your thread.

    AIM: trashcansasha905

    Though you'd have better luck PM'ing me here since I'm hardly on AIM.
    I can't post in the melee boards.

    to your melee thread- I played street fighter long before I played melee, because street fighter isn't about mindgames,combos on the fly without any idea what will happen, being creative with people like the ice climbers,it isn't about having amazing grab combos of controlling them, it isn't about being so fast,stong,and powerful with someone who shouldn't even be one of those, there's no edgegaurd, no team work, no stages, no hard training to wavedash, were's the pressure when time comes down and you have to be careful, were's the items, the awesome taunts, LOLs,the holy s*** times were you get an amzing combo, were's the different play stsyles,in street fighter it's always low kick medium punch in melee it will never be the same, I want simple controls with hard but possible techs, I juggle fox with pichu, I want different colors I want great musik,I want A game were you can always get better, A game were even the weakest still has a chance, A game not about about beating them, but a game were there are tons of tactics,mindgames,skill,combos, and edgegaurd and you have to repeat till you have earned your win, A game were you have to try just a little more if you really want something more were you can be flashly and show off. AS you start you come on to a stage look them in the eye and know, but what it is something more, something you have earned without a doubt and you know and other words don't do the justice of playing understand till you put the disk in press power and enter a game beyond anything esle you have ever encountered before.

    I played 1pl mode for 2 years the day I discovered vs mode I nearly s*** myself and the unlockable people always poped up amazing and I was greatful for every last ONE.
    hey man i see you live in oakland. if you are ever down to smash, send me a pm. i know a few others around who would be down.
    hey dude, just finally got back to davis from the tourney haha. just wanted to say it was nice meeting you and fun teaming with you! (im the roy mainer guy btw lol) just keep working on your game, you'll be good in no time ^_-
    Whens this 'smash n00b' binus gunna go away.
    im not a n00b :ohwell: this site confuses the **** out of me.
    so until i figure out how to do anything other than go through through the melee threads i guess i am a n00b.

    long live melee!
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