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  • Is it me or is a lot of my posts missing o.o....and most of ALL your wall for that matter

    I had such a lame day at work lawl. So I'm probably gonna sleep right away, if you have the time, please leave a message after the beep XD

    Aww you left, oh well, take it easy =)
    Ok, sweet. How do you like to train Ike? How do you practice ur spacing? How hard are campers in ur opinion? Do you ever play offline alot?
    Unfortunately, Im still not where I used to be before not playing Brawl, I still have much hard work myself, and yes, u have one of the best Ikes, around where my bud Kirks Ike is (tho its hard to truly say when all I know is ur Wi-fi skill level.

    Id be honored to fight...and beat =p u in the future
    Heh your good, GG, I was using a new controller set up (CC over GC) so I did about 10 or so things on accident, and a few kills I facepalmed for falling for them xD.

    As for your Ike, Hes quite skilled, your Bair usage and jabbing is very well done, I need u to show me to jab cancel like that, and your spacing has improved alot from that video thread of yours, you got all u need to make a real name for urself ^^
    Sorry, today (in 15 minutes from this post) is my Bday, I was out all day yesterday (today) doing Birthday crap
    The fact u felt guiltys is definetly a sign of your niceness, I look forward to it.

    Pleasent dreams Bro =D *Passes out*
    Oh, cool, my familys all Fd so I got no one to do anything with. Oh well ^^;.

    I guess if u still want to today, but Im exhausted now, I was about to crash for the night ^^;.
    Okay your going to play Socandrewcer first round and then since you'll probably win Samus is going to try hosting for us in the second. If we both get there.
    I figured you would be, lol. I don't think Samus will care much. If he does, he can bite me. :p
    Well, actually I got an idea. This won't effect much. i'll switch us next to each other.

    Fight Socandrewcer. And I'll fight Elijelly.

    This way you won't have to be limited to do your match.
    If he's not on by midnight, in order for us both to get matches done, I'm switching.
    Technically if it comes down to use being cramped for time, I'm going to switch us.
    He doesn't want me to switch us, but we can wait for him. He's working tonight though.
    that was the best ike i have EVER played, srsly your really good with ike, lol
    Duuuuuuuuuuude. I tried to register your FC and it wouldn't let me. I triple checked, and it was right. o_o
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