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  • Hey my name's Matt and i met you at Gavin's house like five or six months ago. I was wondering if you wanted to get together and smash sometime again. I've gotten a lot better since then, and I'm trying to find more people to practice with.
    you can be the most technical player in the world but if you're not playing smart you just flat out won't win. also - it is harder for a puff player to rest you from the u-throw if you don't di at all. try it sometime.
    what are you talking about? you ARE captain falcon. as far as the odds go, when playing someone as good as jeff... let's be real here mr. shapiro..... that kind of statistic matters.
    he used falco against my d3. i almost beat him the next two matches WITH the 60:40 in his favor.
    hey man i live in salinas i was just wondering if you wanted to play some melee, i heard you were pretty good and i need some practice for upcoming tournies.
    bill is working on his roy though. he still drops the n-word alot though so its kind of scary to play him. where do i see your sick videos?
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