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    Do I really need to get consistent with tipping?

    And if it's a yes, I'm still not switching to Lucina. And if yes again, any tips on how to get more consistent with it (saying use Lucina instead doesn't count lmao)
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    I don't have ultimate yet but is this character good? at least compared to Roy
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    How does Pichu feel?

    I don't have ultimate yet but compared to Melee how does he feel now? Has he gotten better or is he the same?
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    "Looking Cool, Joker!" - Joker Moveset Speculation

    I'm not gonna play Persona 5 until I get a ps4 (which I'm not planning to at the moment) but I'm curious to see what you fans have thought of
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    Best Puff alt?

    Sleepy Cap alt best alt bois
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    Who even uses counter?

    I'm just curious. The only Marth's I see that uses Counter are spammers and spammers smh
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    Who do you plan to take out Galleem with?

    If it's gonna be a one character battle I'll go with:ultmarth:. If it's a team like Subspace I'll go with :ultmarth::ultjigglypuff::ultgreninja::ultcorrin::ultchrom::ultlucas:
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    World of Light: Smash Ultimate's New Mode

    The overworld is like Smash Tour. So we might not see any platforming sections. There might still be a chance though.
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    More echoes down the line?...

    I'm pretty sure people would like to see Tails as a unique rather than a metal version of Sonic
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