The Ryu Combo Guide

The Ryu Combo Guide

:ultryu:The Ryu Combo Guide:ultryu:

Hello Everyone. I have created this combo guide for anyone who wants to pick up Ryu or just wants to become better with him. I am a pretty old Ryu main, playing him since around the time of him being released in Smash 4, so I have poured all of my knowledge into this guide. I also solo-main Ryu, and the time I’ve spent with him while playing is around 95% of my total play time. This guide is absolutely up for changes through discussion or if a patch is introduced, but I feel that it is about complete. If I have made an error on the guide, be sure to let me know so it can be fixed.
As well, please let me know if I am missing anything, if I can help anyone out, or help you understand. I thought about putting more specific percent info for each combo working, but some combos are listed with terms such as "High%,” "Low%,” etc.. If anyone wants to know additional percentage data, you can let me know and I can add them in later on. I did put some extra information for combos on the right hand side of them highlighted this color.

Lets go over some basic terms first so hopefully no one will be confused.


•I will be using “>” in the guide to stand for basically "leads into."
•FADC stands for "Focus Attack Dash Cancel.” This is the process of after activating a Focus Attack, you tap twice in one direction cancelling out.

•Focus Attack has 3 levels. I will sometimes put for my FA combos "Lvl 1,” "Lvl 2,” or "Lvl 3.” this just tells you how much the FA needs to be charged.
•"RAR" stands for "Reverse Air Rush.” If you don’t know what that is, there are plenty of videos explaining it.
•"OS" means "Option Select.” The game decides what best option to use based off of an input or group of inputs. (You should only see me refer to OS with M-Utilt and Roundhouse kick).
•”Hover Shakunetsu” is a technique that you can really do with any Hadoken, but a HS is where you short-hop and throw a Shakunetsu Hadoken right before you hit the ground. The purpose of this is so you have less endlag after throwing the Hadoken. More follow-ups and comboability from a Shakunetsu basically.

•L-Utilt stands for "Light Up Tilt."
•L-Dtilt stands for "Light Down Tilt."
•L-Ftilt stands for "Light Forward Tilt."
•M-Utilt stands for "Medium Up Tilt.”
and so on…

•Since update 3.1.0, M-Utilt now has 2 versions of itself: One has knockback, the other doesn’t. The version with knockback is performed normally by holding attack and up simultaneously. The version with no knockback is performed by simply holding attack in close proximity of the opponent. Combos which utilize the no knockback version will state “(No Knockback Version)” next to “M-Utilt.”

Most people call Ryu’s held attacks “heavy attacks,” like “heavy u-tilt.” The reason I call it medium instead is because “heavy attacks” are smash attacks in Street Fighter terms. Henceforth, Ryu has light (tap), medium (told), and heavy (smash attack) normals.

The Combos with a "*" next to it means that it is either a most optimal combo, or it should be in your list of bread and butters (combos that you regularly utilize and have as muscle memory).

The Guide is put into sections including Light Attack Combos, Medium Attack Combos, Aerial Combos, Hadoken Combos, Throw Combos, Focus Attack Combos, and Shield Break set-ups. Within these branches are further subbranches of individual attacks, so ultimately this guide should be fairly easy to read and find info with.

THIS GUIDE DOES NOT CONTAIN EVERY POSSIBLE COMBO. One of my goals is to add in every combo I find. Though, my primary goal for this Guide is for it to contain all optimal and practical combos (and so it does from my knowledge). Therefore, as I mentioned somewhat earlier, let me know any true or reliable combo that I’ve missed here so it can be added in.

So let’s begin. Enjoy!



Jab 1 > Jab 2 > Jab 3

Jab 1 > Shoryuken/Hadoken/Tatsumaki

Jab1 > Jab 2 > Shoryuken/Hadoken/Tatsumaki

[Light Forward Tilt (Punch)]

L-Ftilt (Punch) > Shoryuken

[Light Forward Tilt (Kick)]

L-Ftilt (kick) > F-air [Mid to High %s. DI can make difficult]

L-Ftilt (kick) > RAR B-air [Mid to High %s. Best near ledge. DI can make difficult]

L-Ftilt (kick) > Dash Forward > Jab 1/L-Utilt > … [Extremely Strict Timing. Must hit with foot. Around 20-30%]

[Light Down Tilt]

L-Dtilt > L-Dtilt> …

*L-Dtilt > Shoryuken

L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt

L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Run-up Grab [Mix-up]

*L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Jump > D-air [Mix-up if opponent DI toward you near ledge]

*L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Hadoken [Prefer Slow Hadoken]

*L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Tatsumaki [works best at low to mid %s and on non-floaties]

[Light Up Tilt]

L-Utilt > L-Utilt

L-Utilt > M-Utilt

*L-Utilt > M-Utilt > FADC [for spacing]

L-Utilt > Shoryuken

*L-Utilt > M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) >Shoryuken/Tatsumaki/Hadoken

*L-Utilt > L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [low to mid %s. No good on floaties. Prefer slow Hadoken]

L-Utilt > Jab 1 > Jab 2 > Jab 3

L-Utilt > Jab 1 > Jab 2 > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki/Hadoken

L-Utilt > L-Ftilt (punch) > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki/Hadoken

L-Utilt > U-smash [Begins to work around 60%]

L-Utilt > D-smash [Begins to work around 10% but stops working at mid %s depending on weight, fall speed, etc.]

*L-Utilt > Grab

L-Utilt > N-air [Mid%. Can set up for tech situation]

L-Utilt > F-air [High%]

L-Utilt > D-air [Begins to work around 81%. Can utilize to spike at ledge]

L-Utilt > D-air > Tatsumaki [Between around 81-91%. Can use hadoken instead to add pressure at percents when tatsu not true]


(Most are a continuation off of Light attacks)

[Medium Up Tilt]

M-Utilt > Shoryuken [Low%]

*M-Utilt > FADC [Most optimum anti-air. Can beat out disjointed hitboxes (like Cloud’s D-air)]

*M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) >Shoryuken/Tatsumaki/Hadoken

[Medium Down Tilt]

*M-Dtilt > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Low to mid %s. Prefer slow hadoken]

*M-Dtilt > FADC [For Spacing or could let it rip and break shield if already damaged enough]


AERIALS (Landing)

[Neutral Air]

*N-air (Early Hitbox) > Run Forward > Tech-Chase (or) Jab reset [Works around 50-60% depending on weight class. Just need them to go into tumble animation, but in later percents, they may be able to jump out. If the opponent misses their tech, you should lock them with either 3 L-Ftilts (punch) into a Shoryuken or 2 L-Ftilts (punch) into a M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) then a Shoryuken]

N-air > Any combo starting with light or medium attacks [avoid starting with L-Utilt though after Low %s]

(For example use)
*N-air > L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [If Hadoken, slow version seems more reliable]

N-air > L-Utilt > L-Ftilt (punch) > Tatsumaki [Good for non-heavy/non-fastfall characters and not staling Shoryuken]

*N-air > M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Initial hit of N-air at lower %s and late hit at higher %s. Very strong and deadly combo across the whole cast. Might be able to sneak in a L-Utilt before the M-Utilt depending on opponent SDI and weight/fall-speed class]

N-air > L-Ftilt (kick) > RAR B-air [High%]

N-air (Early Hitbox) > Short-hop D-air > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki [Around 0-50%]

N-air (Late Hitbox) > Dash Forward > Short-hop D-air > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki [Strict Timing. Low High to High %s]

*N-air > F-smash [Kill confirm. Works between 55-100%. After 100% the opponent gets launched too far away from N-air]

N-air > Run forward > Shoryuken [Kill confirm at High%]

[Forward Air]

Sweetspot F-air
F-air > Rising F-air [Low%]

*F-air > RAR B-air [Low%. Strict timing]

*F-air > U-air > ... [Low%. After the first hit of u-air, you can cancel into a tatsu or a shoryu. You can also attempt to u-air again]

Sourspot F-air
F-air > F-air

*F-air > H-Utilt > FADC

F-air > N-air [Can set-up tech situation]

*F-air > N-air > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Low-High%s differing between weight classes. Short-hop N-air at earlier %s; Full-hop N-air at later %s.]

F-air > N-air > Shoryuken [Low%s]

*F-air > U-air (first hit) > Shoryu/Tatsumaki

[Back Air]

*B-air > D-smash [Very Low %s]

B-air > F-smash [Very Low %s and not at 0%]

*B-air > L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Very Low %s]

*B-air > M-Dtilt > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Low%]

*B-air > Tatsumaki [Low-Med%. Most flexible and reliable option if B-air hits]

B-air (on shield) > Reverse Shoryuken [Great frame trap that can beat out opponent’s retaliation. Can also break shield if already slightly damaged]

[Up Air]

U-air (First hit)
U-air > Any combo starting with light attacks

U-air (Second hit) (Tight timing, Tall characters)
U-air > Any combo starting with light attacks [Low%]

U-air > M-Utilt > FADC [Low Mid %s]

U-air > Jump > D-air [Mid to Low High %s]

[Down Air]

*D-air > D-air [at ledge for spike]

*D-air > M-Utilt > FADC [Use for spacing]

*D-air > M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki [Most devastating combo from a falling aerial, but it’s very tricky. For best results and hitting Shoryu sweet-spot, wait for the opponent to fall slightly after the D-air. By doing so, the timing will be strict but will be true. Ending with Shoryu can grab a stock beginning at approximately 40-60%]

D-air > L-Ftilt (punch) > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki [Low to Mid %s. Might be able to sneak in a L-Utilt between L-Ftilt and Shoryuken/Tatstumaki on Larger scale characters. Use Tatsumaki to not stale Shoryuken]

D-air > N-air [Can set up tech situations]

D-air > N-air > Shoryuken [Very Low%]

*D-air > N-air > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Low-High%s differing between weight classes. One of the most stylish combos. Short-hop N-air at earlier %s; Full-hop N-air at later %s.]

D-air > F-air (full-hop) > Tatsumaki [Very Low%s. Only works on ultraheavies]

*D-air > U-air (first hit) > Shoryu/Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Shakunetsu Hadoken Doesn’t link well. If you use Hadoken, prefer quarter-circle]

D-air > Jump > Shoryuken [High%]

D-air > Shoryuken [Strict timing to hit sweet-spot of shoryu]

D-air > F-smash [Begins working around 45%, though the earlier the percent, the lower to the ground you have to be when landing the D-air.]

D-air > U-smash


Aerials (Air to Air)

N-air (Late Hitbox) > Jump > D-air [Starts to work around 15%. The earlier the percent, the later you have to hit the N-air. Strict Timing at Low%]

U-air > Jump > U-air [Mid%. can finish with a Shoryuken depending if you need to hit after first or second hit of U-air]

[U-air can combo into more U-airs at Mid%. At earlier %s, an U-air can possibly act as a frame trap limiting opponents options.]

This Air to Air Section Lacks Information/Combos and is Definitely Open for Discussion. I believe that there is more to be implemented here.


Combos from Hadokens

(Coming Soon!)



[For M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) & Roundhouse, just Hold attack after the throw for an OS. The game will decide which to use depending on the % and opponent DI]

*D-Throw > M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) > Tatsumaki [Very Low%. Depending on weight class and fall speed, you may need to wait a few frames before the M-Utilt for the Tatsu to connect]

*D-Throw > Roundhouse Kick [Low%]

*D-Thow > U-air > U-air > ... [Low to Low-Mid%s. After the D-throw, immediately dash forward into a jumping U-air. Drift slightly back after you jump to keep the opponent in front of you as needed from opponent DI. After the first U-air, fast-fall down and then jump into another U-air. Do this between about every U-air. Can cancel the U-air into a Tatsu or Shoryu if wanted. I’ve managed to string about 4 continuous U-airs for a true combo, but enemy percentage will determine how many you can do]


FOCUS ATTACK (Level 2-3 charge)

*FA > Dash Cancel Forward > M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) > Shoryuken [Optimum and easiest kill confirm from a FA across the whole cast. Use when you know you are already at prime %s to take stock]

FA > Dash Cancel Forward > L-Ftilt (punch) > Shoryuken

*FA > Dash Cancel Forward > D-air > M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki [Most devastating combo from a FA, but it’s not that reliable in an actual match. For best results and hitting Shoryu sweet-spot, wait for the opponent to fall slightly after the D-air. By doing so, the timing will be strict but will be true]

*FA > Dash Cancel Back > Falling N-air > M-Utilt (No Knockback Version) > Shoryuken/Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Full-hop into a N-air for most percent. Initial hit of N-air at lower %s and late hit at higher %s. Strongest combo for lighter characters when D-air combos won’t link. Might be able to sneak in a L-Utilt before the M-Utilt depending on opponent SDI and weight/fall-speed class. As of now, I recommend using this combo the most after a FA. Very Reliable]

*FA > Dash Cancel Forward > D-air > N-air > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Low-High%s differing between weight classes. One of the most stylish combos. Short-hop N-air at earlier %s; Full-hop N-air at later %s.]

FA > Dash Cancel Back > Falling N-air > L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > Tatsumaki/Hadoken [Nice combo but is outclassed by combos with M-Utilt (No Knockback Version). If use Hadoken, prefer slow version. Full-hop into the N-air for most percent]

*FA(Lvl 3) > Dash Cancel Forward > FA (Lvl 2) > Dash Cancel Forward > Jump > D-air [At ledge for spike. Start combo at Mid %]

*FA > Dash Cancel Back > F-smash (charge) [Optimal near ledge. If you land a Lvl 3 FA, you can charge the F-smash about all the way]


SHIELD BREAKING (Opponent MUST Hold Shield)

Walk toward opponent > Collarbone [Good if your opponent fears you]

M-Utilt > FA (Lvl 1)

L-Dtilt > M-Dtilt > FA (Lvl 1)

L-Utilt > Collarbone

L-Dtilt > Collarbone

Hover Shakunetsu (Slow) > Run Forward > M-Dtilt > Shoryuken [True shield break combo once Shakunetsu hits shield. You need to be at a distance when throwing the Shakunetsu, it looks like it’ll disappear just after passing the opponent. The goal is to be able to land, run forward, and hit the M-Dtilt while the opponent is still in shield hitstun from the Shakunetsu]
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