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the power of pits down throw combos

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Pleas note that this is my first guide and all criticism is appreciated Pit in smash 4 has an amazing downthrow.This throw can combo into almost all his aerials but, did you know that because of Pits aerials having multiple hit boxes it is possible and quite practical to use these moves to drag your opponent down with you and regrab. This works on all multi hit moves such as foxesfoxes fair and greninjas up air.

How to execute this tech
for this guide i will be talking about pits upair but note that is possible to
do this with his fair and possibly his nair(i did not test his nair) so first after your downthrow you will short hop Waite a moment and then upair,make sure that you are not ascending while doing your up air you must be falling.
after hitting the upair begin to fastfall this should make the opponent fall with you.the next step is to grab(you may need to do a quick turnaround grab)then repeat.This combo can be repeated about three times from 20% i say 20% because it rarely works at 0 and fthrow to dash attack is a solid 20% at 0.

When to chose this combo
this comb works if your opponent dosen't d.i or di towards you or above you.if your opponent di,s away you should go for a nair fair or a running usmash at low percents. a way to trap and mix up your opponents di is to forward throw them sometimes and back throw them even upthrow has its uses doing 11% and setting up for juggles on the opponent. it is very important to keep your opponent guessing and conditioning them into di the wrong way. but If your opponent has god like d.i you can still do this combo but with pit's fair fastfall.
I hope you learned something to improve your pit game play and note that this all works with dark pit as well. Pleas leave feedback its greatly appreciated
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