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The Hero of HEYAAH!

The Hero of HEYAAH!

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Hello, I am Transforce98, your personal guide to this character; Toon Link. I'll drop the Baymax formality there and move on to the rest of the introduction. Being new to the Smash game with the most recent iteration, I'm not calling myself professional in anyways, I just play the game to enjoy it. This guide is to help anyone new to the game and/or the character. This guide might not be perfect, but it's the fact that I'm putting this out that matters to me.

All the information inside this guide was tested in Training Mode, times in For Glory and against friends. I'll be explaining his basic attacks, his specials, air attacks, and combos at the end.


First thing's first, the obvious differences between Toon Link and Standard Link.

  • Toon Link is smaller and lighter than Standard Link
  • Toon Link is faster than Standard Link
  • Toon Link is weaker than Standard Link
  • Toon Link can be launched easier than Standard Link
  • Toon Link's Side Special acts differently than standard Link's
  • Toon Link's Back Throw is different than Standard Link's and stronger
  • Toon Link's Forward, Neutural, and Back Air attacks are different
  • Toon Link's Up Smash is different
  • The speed of Toon Link's Down air is faster than Standard Link
From here on out, I'm going to refer to Toon Link as 'Tink' and Standard Link as... Link.

Tink, being lighter and weaker than Link, can have difficulties fighting heavier characters like Donkey Kong and Bowser. Which is where his projectiles come into play. Being smaller than these bruisers also gives Tink an advantage against them, being able to dish out quick attacks and retreat before they can give you their worst. I usually play aggressively with Tink, but that doesn't mean he can't be defensive at all. Defensive Playstyle isn't something I worked out, but I would suspect it would work out with bombs and such.

Jabs and Tilts

Jab(Standard A): Tink will do a simple one handed swing, once to the right, left, and finishing with a stab with the Master Sword.
  • One hit: 3%
  • Three-Hit Combo: 9%
  • Can combo into other moves if done once or twice

Upward Tilt: Tink slices over his head from the front of his body to behind, letting out a a "Chyeah!", "Coh!", or nothing. (I like to hear Toon Link say things)
  • 5%
  • Juggles at early percents
  • Good Anti-Air
Downward Tilt: Tink will slice across the ground once, crouching slightly.
  • 7%
  • Can combo with other moves
Forward Tilt: Tink brings the Master Sword behind his head and swiftly slices downward.
  • 9%
  • Fairly good knockback to space your opponent away from you
Dash Attack: Tink will swipe his sword in front of him, nothing spectacular there.
  • 8%
  • Fairly good knockback
Aerial Attacks
Neutral Air: Tink slashes in-front of him and follows quickly behind him.
  • 8% on front hit
  • 7% on back hit
  • Can be good to combo from down throw
Upward Air: Tink brings the Master Sword upwards with both hands. Might have a sweet spot, I'm not sure.
  • 14-16% (It varied when I tested it)
  • Hitbox stays out for a couple seconds, good for a fastfall
  • Good Kill option. About 130% for heavy characters, 125% for Middleweight characters, and
Forward Air: Tink does a quick swipe in front of him, going diagonally upwards from right to left.
  • 13%
  • Good Kill option. About 130-140% for heavy characters offstage. About 105-120% for Middleweight characters.
Backwards Air: Tink 'fwips' his sword behind him.
  • 11%
  • Kills late, about 170% for heavies, middle weight characters are about 130%, and light characters are
Downward Air: Tink goes for the Finishing Blow, speeding downward with the Master Sword pointing down. This can be good for edge guarding, if you time it right you can meteor spike them to their death at early percents.
  • 16%
  • Has a Meteor Smash effect
  • Terrible option offstage
  • Ending lag is missed on stage
Smash Attacks

Upward Smash: Tink readies his sword and slices over his head, similar to his up tilt.
  • 13% Uncharged
  • 18% Charged
  • Good Anti-Air option
  • Can combo from Up Tilt
Forward Smash: A Two stage Smash. Tink puts his might into a swing, this first swing has little knockback, the second swing his mightier than the first and deals more knockback.
  • 10% on First Hit (Uncharged)
  • 12% on Second Hit (Uncharged)
  • 14% on First Hit (Charged)
  • 15% on Second Hit (Charged)
  • Punishable if they shield
  • Can kill early
Downward Smash: Tink slices in front of him, like is down tilt, and then behind him. If the first hit connects, it will automatically pull them in for the second hit.
  • 6% on First Hit (Uncharged)
  • 8% on Second Hit (Uncharged)
  • 8% on First Hit (Charged)
  • 10% on Second Hit (Charged)

Special Attacks

Neutral Special: The Hero's Bow - Tink pulls out a bow and arrow. Can be charged for maximum damage. You can also quickfire this special, but your arrows won't go as far.
  • 4% Uncharged
  • 5-9% Varied Charge Time
  • 12% Full Charge
  • Can be good to gain chip damage from far away
  • Can be B-Reversed (I think that's the term)

Side Special: The Boomerang - Tink tosses out a Boomerang. This will come back to you eventually, or it can just disappear, which it has on many occasions for me. You can change the direction of the Boomerang by tilting the analog stick (or directional pad)
  • 8% when throw and makes contact with the opponent
  • 3% on return hit
  • Can be combed for multiple things
Up Special: Spin Attack - Tink can charge this attack, once the button is released Tink will spin rapidly, trapping the opponent next to him. This move can send you upwards in the air at the cost of becoming vulnerable afterwards.
  • 12% No Charge
  • 13-18% Varied Charge
  • 19% Full Charge
  • Good Out of Shield Option
  • Can be punishable if missed
Down Special: Bombs - Tink pulls out a bomb from his bomb bag (just assuming) and he is able to throw it at will by pressing the 'A' button and any direction with the analog stick or directional circle pad. The bomb will explode in about eight seconds, so be quick.
  • 4%
  • Able to damage you for the same percent
  • Will not damage if bomb makes contact with the opponent first
  • Great combo starters and finishers (for flair!)
  • Pressing Grab in air will drop the bomb automatically
Grabs and Throws
Tink shares the same grab as Link (obviously), Samus, Pac-Man, and Zero Suit Samus. This means that Tink can grab people from a distance, but not too far.

For a reference, I used the Emblem on the Spirit Tracks Omega Stage. If Tink is standing on one wing of the emblem, it reaches to the other end. Sorry for no visual aid, but if you at least have a 3Ds you can try it yourself.

Tink can also grab the ledge with his grab. This can be very helpful for mixing up approaches to the ledge. You can also hit your grab in midair, dealing about 4% damage to them.

Pummel: Tink will bash the opponent with the hilt of the Master Sword. This is fairly quick to rack up damage.

Up Throw: Tink will toss them up and follow up with an upward slash.
  • 7%
  • Fairly late killer, 220% Heavy, 200% Middleweight, 180% Light
  • Can be good for tossing in the air to follow with Up Air

Down Throw: Tink will slam the opponent onto the ground and them himself, causing the opponent to fly backwards.
  • 7%
  • Good for combo set ups at low percents
Forward Throw: Tink will shoulder bash them forwards. This has little knockback, I barely use it.
  • 7%
  • Can be good for dash attack followups and spacing
Back Throw: Tink will fall on his back and kick the opponent over him. This has great knockback and killing capabilities.
  • 7%
  • Second Strongest Back Throw in the game
  • Kills at ledge early. 150% for Heavy, 130% for Middle and Light weight characters.
Stage and Ledge Get Ups

Ledge Get Up: Tink will swiftly get back onto the stage and deliver a swipe of the Master Sword to their ankles.
  • 7%
  • Fairly good knockback

Stage Get Up: Tink will quickly get back up with two swift swipe in front and behind him.
  • 7%
  • Fairly good knockback

Now comes my favorite part about doing this, sharing combos with the people! Tink has plenty of combs he can use, a few are for early percents and you probably can pull them off. If you can't pull off the full things, you at least got somewhere with the combo and added damage to them. Some of these combs are easy to set up, and other depend on the percentage and the DI (Directional Influence) that they use.

Jab x2 > U-Tilt > D-Tilt >Dash Attack > Shorthop > Forward Air This requires a bit of practice, it did for me. The first two steps are good enough for damage build up. Shorthoping is when you lightly press your jump button. Down Tilt will space your opponent away from you, leaving you with a few more options.

U-Tilt x5 > Shorthop > Down Air Up Tilt is great for juggling and racking up damage. This can also be used for other combos, like following up the juggle with Up Special or Neutral Air. I just put this down for example, because it's one of many that I've found.

The rest of these combos I'm just listing them out, mainly because as I'm typing this it's 2:30 AM.

Down Throw > Dash Attack
D-Tilt > Dash Attack > Forward Air
Forward Bomb Throw > Dash Attack/Grab
Downward Bomb Throw > Dash Attack > Forward Air
U-Tilt > U-Smash and repeat x2
U-Smash > Up Air
Grab Bomb Drop > F-Smash/Dash Attack > Down Air
Forward Bomb Throw > U-Smash/Up Special
Upward Bomb Throw > U-Smash
Side Special > Forward Air/Up Special
Jab x2 > F-Tilt > F-Smash
Forward Bomb Throw > Side Special > Standard Special

Final notes

Toon Link is one of my favorite characters in Smash, only behind Little Mac and Captain Falcon. He was easy for me to pick up and learn, and I have good times with him. His speed and lack of strength mix well together because of the low knockback on some of his moves to the higher knockback of his Back Throw, Up Smash and Forward Smash for examples. Bombs are great for combos and it feels satisfying to get that on stage Down Air Meteor Spike Kill on the Ledge. This guide was more for fun than for professional use, but I hope that new players can look at this and see some use out of it.

Also, let us enjoy this....

I'll update this guide with whatever it needs in the future...

See ya, HEYAH Cowboy...
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