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The forgotten #150 pokemon

The forgotten #150 pokemon

I wanted to bring a guide to the handful of mewtwo players in the world to show that mewtwo is no low tier he has abilities that can help him win matches against spacies,heavy hitters and hit and run characters

Table of contents:
2.pros and cons
5.useful kill moves
6.edge guard
9.chain grab

Mewtwo is currently placed F(21) originally B(21) because of being light.Mewtwo has one of the best recovery's and 3rdbest wavedash.He has a very strong projectile his shadowball and his tail is hes best spacing tool.

As said above he has one of the best recovery's,3rd best wavedash a very strong recovery/kill moves and a great spacing tool aka his tail

Hes light so he can be killed very early,can get comboed at any % and has a lack of speed

His up tilt is a great kill move(ill be getting in depth further in)and juggle tool.His dtilt is a great combo starter and a easy way to rack up damage because it sends your opponent in the air.His ftilt is a great spacier and can be used to stop opponents attacks

im just going to list the combos
dtilt>dash attack>uptilt/up air
up throw>fair/shadowball/up air
down throw>fair
back throw>bair

Kill moves:
down smash:Its really useful against the space animals because of there side b recovery
shadow ball can be used on every character like samus charge shot
Up smash:Great kill move used on maps like dream land and battle field because it has pretty great range
back air:You can juggle your opponent off all the way where they lose there stock
forward air:Kills at a high % because it dosent have great kill power
up tilt can kill on smaller stages like yoshies island

Edge guard:
He has great edge guard due to his great recovery and jump.
Mewtwo can use his back air to stop people from getting back
His dtilt on/off stage (cant really explain/show it)can stops space animals side b recovery
His shadow ball is a really great one because anyway on small stages its always a 100% kill.

His spacing ability is really great but he has a few moves that can heres the list
Shadow ball
and ftilt
all of these moves will keep your opponent away from you if you use hes spacing tools correctly

What can i say 5th best recovery and a great double jump.....srsly now his recovery can be used for mind games and even great combo starters/finishers

Chain grabs:
His up air at low % is a chain grab on fast fallers and down throw chain grabs on heavys

If you have any info that I missed out on let me know and ill get right to it :D

Other info:
His Downb can be used to kill your opponent if used correctly
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Last update
2.75 star(s) 4 ratings

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quick question about the upthrow>fair>shadowball up air. Should the shadowball be fully charged and should that be a combo for low percents?
I'm not sure if it's not done yet. It looks like a good start for a guide.

As it stands now, it's a quick reference tool. As someone that doesn't play mewtwo, I'm able to look at it and find out that mewtwo's uptilt is a kill move and that I should avoid some of these niche setups that he seems to have.
Thanks for the review
But please suggest ideas not be some one who discourage people
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