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The Fallen Queen of Smash 4: A Sheik Guide (WIP)

The Fallen Queen of Smash 4: A Sheik Guide (WIP)

So this month was much different than I had planned. Final studying took up the entire first half of the month, so I had half of the time I planned on for writting this. Then, over Winter Break (the first time that I had been allowed to play the game in months) I got a capture card and Yeti microphone for Christmas. This meant that I had an opportunity to make YouTube videos that I would not get for another few months, so I did. These were all related to Smash, and two of them are featured in this guide, but still. This took more time out of writing this. Anyway, so I basically spent no time writing this this month. I finished the Diddy MU, started the Sheik MU,, revised the Fundamentals section and wrote the section for one AT. This entire thing added just three pages to last month's 68 pages. The thing to understand here is that I usually go to bed at around 11 on school nights, meaning I have a limited amount of time to actually do things, thus motivating me to do them.
When I have winter break for two weeks, I can basically stay up for as late as I want, which basically feeds procrastination. This basically just means that I will have more done next month. Basically basically basically. Sorry.
I'd like to force myself to give more of a structure and scheduled to these things, so here it is: the first Monthly Update to this guide.
I added the Cloud and Diddy MUs, revised the Ryu MU, added more information regarding Sheik's moveset and finished the Neutral rework that I started last month. In total, the new sections have added a total of 17 pages onto last month's 50. Please enjoy.

NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z: Expect more MUs, a revised AT section and the addition of content in the currently-empty sections under Strategy.
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I reworked the entire Neutral section to be MUCH more focused on the fundamentals of gameplay, while adding knowledge I have gained from Izaw, Deku Tree, Rush Hour Smash, Ace Arwing Piolt, Shapening your Sword and the Sheik boards. Y'all are awesome, keep up the great work.

I also revised some more stuff, but stuff like that happens on a daily basis.
Lots of things went unnoticed during my initial revision for 1.1.5 of this guide, and this new version has not only fixed those issues but added new content and updated lots to improve the player experience.
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