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The Complete Guide to Ganondorf: A Moveset Analysis and Strategy Guide For the King of Evil

The Complete Guide to Ganondorf: A Moveset Analysis and Strategy Guide For the King of Evil

So I've been working on a moveset and up to intermediate strategy guide for Ganon for awhile, Junebug's post got me off my ass to submit it.

Check it out here:

I don't quite know how to get all the gifs and pictures I want into a smashboards guide so for now it will be a Google Doc until i can post it in a nice format on Smashboards.

Leave your thoughts or feed back down below :D
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  1. The King of Evil 2.0 Gfy-calypse

    Added a TON of Gfycats and clips all throughout the article showing the techniques i talk about...

Latest reviews

This helps with knowing the matchup and what to look out for. Thanks man
Ganondorf with Luigi movement. AND FLOAT INDIRECT PRESSURE?! Oh man, this is beautiful. l'll be sure to keep a lot of this in mind. Very beautiful.
haha thanks man! PM Ganon is a lot more creative then melee Ganon, don't be afraid to think outside the box.
This guide is godlike! Anyone who's trying to learn Ganon should definitely take this man's advice. I'm a Ganon main and even though I've been playing him for a good while and doing my tournament thing, I still feel like you taught me some good stuff. There's a few cool things about Ganon that I would like to let you know, whenever you have the time. Anyway, I say you did a great job, better than me when I tried to make a guide. You have a good sence of humor, very informative, and you play Ganon so you get my vote!
Thanks man glad you liked the guide!

Sooo uh feel free to shoot me a PM about some of these juicy Ganon secrets.
I just love smash brothers
Don't we all :3
Excellent guide, love the separation of topics so it doesn't feel like a ton of information being shoved down your throat, rather piece by piece and with hilarious Ganon mindset/main humor sprinkled between.

Could do without the typos and some grammar but clear and concise enough to understand throughout. And good job giving all options analysis and mentioning fresh ideas as opposed to rehashing the same strategies in a close-minded manner.

Well deserved 5 stars, you the real MVP homie *pats on back*
Thanks man :D

Be sure to check back later cuz I plan on updating this thing with new graphics and gifs!
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