Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U & 3DS - Fox Guide & Moveset!

Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U & 3DS - Fox Guide & Moveset!

Applicable Games
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
In this video I go over Fox's:

  • Moveset: 0:05
  • Recovery: 1:11
  • Side-B: 1:38
  • Fast Falling: 1:56
  • Pivots: 2:51
  • Trumping: 3:16
  • Jab-Lock: 3:51
  • Tomohawk & Up-Air: 4:14
  • Jab-Infinite: 4:41
  • Shine Properties: 4:55
  • Applicaton: 5:38

Many more guides to come! Please leave only constructive criticism in the comment section, and be polite when discussing. This is essential for the Smash community to grow.

This is my guide for Fox for Smash bros 3DS and the Wii U.

I will be doing an in depth character analysis for both casual and advanced players, and will be going over the various techniques that can be used in this Smash game. Leave requests for the first one you would like to see!

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(This is what was said in the video, It's meant for the video and not exactly for a written guide. Take it as you will!)


Fox has 2 methods of recovery after his first 2 jumps. Technically his vertical recovery option is Up-b. His horizontal recovery is side-b. His side-b, unlike the other smash bros games, will no longer leave him in free fall. Be very careful tho, as both of his recovery options are extremely predictable. Expect to get punished while using them.


His side B can hurt your opponent. You’ll be using this to recover on to the stage most of the time. However, bear in mind that there is a lot of lag on his side B. That being said, if you jump, or are in the air and then use side-b, there will be less lag. Here’s a comparison.

Fast Falling

Fox’s aerials are super fast. If you fast fall with Fox’s neutral air or back air, you can chain some pretty cool combos. You can also immediately dash after a fast fall, or go for a grab. You can also tomahawk or go into pivots. We’re gonna get really into those. You can see a small star whenever I fast fall. Fast falling is done by simply pressing down on the analog. It is essential to all smash play.


Fox is a really fast character. Due to his weight and speed, his pivots are insane! He can pivot his forward tilt and grab and slide a major distance. His perfect pivot is Crazy. Look at how far he can go!


He can perfect pivot into down smash. This is probably the most important perfect pivot move fox can utilize, because it can be used for: Trumping

Trumping is when you force someone off the stage by grabbing the ledge. Let’s look at his options.

He can grab the edge again, but he won’t have invincibility. He will most likely air dodge though, either out of shock or expecting a back air.

He can recover low, but you can go for a stage spike, or simply wait on the stage for him to grab ledge with no invincibility.

He can recover high, but you can get back onto stage and punish his landing lag with an up smash, which will most likely kill.

After he grabs that ledge, punish it with a down smash. GG

Jab-lock capability.

Like with most characters, if a character is on a platform, you can nair the opponent off of it and jab lock them, forcing the enemy to do a regular getup. Fox can achieve this with his forward tilt.

Jab inifinite

Fox can Jab twice constantly, and lock your opponent in a jab lock infinite. It doesn’t work on all characters though, and it can only be done at a certain percent. This is a little gamebreaking, so expect this to be patched soon.

Shine Properties

Fox’s shine isn’t as good an offensive option, as it is a defensive option, unlike melee. It can reflect the opponent, stall your recovery, and you can turn while you’re in shine.

Tomahawk into Up-air

A tomahawk is essentially an empty jump. Fox’s up air is a great tool to use after a tomahawk. It brings your opponent in front of you, and you can follow-up with an endless amount of things from forward air, to back air, to nair, etc. This is all DI dependent tho, so be prepared to combo accordingly.

Go ahead and try out fox. He’s fast, technical, and whole lot of fun to watch. He is a high tier character, but he’s not all about grab combos. Now let’s get into the glory battle.
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Very good guide ! Very detailed about shine t-a. Thanks !
This was great! Doesn't matter what anybody says. There isn't a tab for "Character overview". This is a guide and helped me regardless. Hope to see your future work!
Feels more like an overview than a guide (However In depth)

Good information, especially about shine turn-around.
Jab-Cancel combo doesn't work on all characters, and not all percents, so is unlikely to be patched.

No real combos are mentioned in the video, although good mechanics and details.

Again, just feels more like an overview than a real guide.
I am trying to set a gap between a guide and an overview, but there's doesn't seem to be yah much a difference to me. I am not going to spend time with percentages and DI with every single character also.
Not to be disrespectful if you are intermediate with fox you should know all his options as the ones listed here. I guess its basically a beginners guide I do like how you explained how you can get punished with his Upb and sides. Mostly because people throw them out when recovering.
A beginner can't trump, do pivots, and fast-fall effectively. If you consider a professional guide just having frame data and percentages, then you need to look somewhere else.
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