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SSBM Tech guides

Hi! If you're here, this is because you need some help for some Melee tech!
We're going to start by:

-Multi-Shines -Difficulty:
-Inputs::GCD:+:GCB:+:GCY:+:GCD:+:GCB:+:GCY: ...
-Utility:If an ennemies try to spot-dodges one of you're shines,this techniques is use to punish them by trying so. It can even lead to a kill on the edges by doing a Shine--->D-Air
-Conclusion:Hard to master, but so satisfying to do, and really useful to punish or even kill.

-Dash-Dances -Difficulty:
-Inputs::GCL:+:GCR:+:GCL:+:GCR:+:GCL:+:GCR:+:GCL:+:GCR: ...
-Utility:This technique is used to mindgames your enney who try to grab a bit to much (especialy this pesty Marth who always try to use this freaking OP range).

-Conclusion:Easy to do, and very practical.

-Short-Hop Lasers: -Difficulty:
-Inputs::GCX:+:GCB:+Fast-Fall+:GCX:+:GCB:+Fast-Fall ...
-Utility:The laser are used to make your oppenements to do something, because if they don't want to get some crispy damage, need to move and do something about this.
-Conclusion:At Mid-High levels, Short-Hop Lasers are used more to presure and mindgames more than damaging you're the other. But at low levels, people don't know how to deal with it, so spam it.

-Wavedash: -Difficulty: Medium
-Utility:Wavedashing is used for the mobility that it give and used to suprised ennemy by doing a suprised ground attack.
-Conclusion: You SHOULD master it after that you master L-cancel, because it is used to combo, and to move freely around.

-L-canceling: -Difficulty:
-Inputs:When you are landing with an aerials attack still going, press OR :GCLT: OR :GCRT: OR :GCZ:
-Utility:This technique is used to half the landing lag. TO HALF. It is huge. If you don't, for exemple L-cancel Ganondorf D-AIR, you will be in big trouble.
-Conclusion: You NEED to master it first. It is used to extend combo, and to escape ennemy attack when you're landing;

Whelp, I finished the basic techniques! After that, we will go for the more complexe one. But not right know, i'm gonna take a little break. I'm still gonna connect, so don't mind and say question, I will answers you. And remember,

Personnaly, I prefer the air:happysheep:
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