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Rosalina & Luma - Kill setups

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Here's the video!
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Good guide covering some simple stuff. However there are a few things you say in the video that are wrong.

1. The Luma jab ledgeguard settup CAN work on recoveries that have a hitbox. You showed it yourself in the video with Fox. It only doesn't work against some recoveries that have a multihit and/or disjointed hitbox, it depends.

2. Grab-release to Usmash is NOT true on Yoshi. The characters you showed are the ones that are always air released from Rosa's grab, but the Usmash never connects on Yoshi because he air mobility makes him go too far too quickly.

3. D-throw to U-air is not true at any %, you can always airdodge before the Uair + DI out. You can maybe read the airdodge, but then it's becoming a difficult double 50/50 kill setup
Oh, I see, thanks for the review! :D
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