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My Smash Ultimate Guide For Beginners (Part 1)

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Welcome to this guide. Now Smash Ultimate was my first Smash game. I was basically a noob at the game. Now, I am much better than I was before. I am going to give this knowledge to new players. This guide has different parts. So make sure to check that out ( once I make all of them). The topic for this part is what I call "The Objective".

Now Smash is a weird fighting game; very different from other games like Street Fighter. The main goal of the game is to deal damage, which in this game is known as adding percent to your opponent. Doing this will allow you to use powerful attacks, for example a smash attack, to end their stock or " lives".

Now your probably thinking that The Objective is me telling you the fundamentals of the game. Wrong. The Objective is your goal playing smash. Do want to just win some games and have some fun? Do that. Wanna get better at the game so you participate in a local tournament? Sure. No matter what you want in this game, try your best to make it real.
In other words, believe you can do it. Keep this in mind when playing some matches.

So go ahead, grab some friends who have the game, get some snacks, and always remember your objective.
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