Miss Me Baby? A Bayonetta Guide (Part 1)

Miss Me Baby? A Bayonetta Guide (Part 1)

8/01/16: This is an extremely important update! This guide was originally (along with Part 1) all one guide. However, because the guide was so long, it could not be edited and saved unless the Rich Text Editor was disabled. This meant that the only way to edit my guide was by using BB Code, which is very difficult to use. In order to fix this, the guide has been split into two parts, one for beginners and one for more advanced players. This guide is aimed at beginners and inexperienced Bayonetta players, whereas Part 2 is recommended for more advanced Bayonetta players.

Apart from the guide being split in half, here is what has been updated in Part 2:

  • Added a new section, KO Options! This section goes over Bayonetta's kill options and how to use them.
  • Edited the Combos section! It now has only the short, easy combos meant to help inexperienced Bayonetta players learn how Bayonetta's moves flow together.
  • Added more information to the Notable Players section! Hopefully this new info can help you to improve.
  • Edited various bits of info and fixed various typos and formatting errors.
Let me know if there's anything I forgot, or should add/change, and I'll update it as soon as possible!

7/01/16: Another update complete! Here's a list of what has been updated:

- Reorganized all combos into two sections: Short and Long! Short combos have 2-5 moves, and Long combos have 6 or more moves. This does not remove any other existing organization methods the combos were organized in, only adds to it.
- Added many more combos to the Short Combos list! This should give you many more options if you're looking for short, reliable combos to build up damage.
- Added Bat Within info! Located in the Introduction section, it thoroughly explains one of the more unique attributes of Bayonetta. Includes frame data!
- Added Omega stage info! While Omega stages have no platforms, the wall is a huge improvement to her off-stage game. Includes a list of Omega stages with walls (for Wii U)
- Added a couple new links to the Useful Links section! Check them out for more insight on Bayonetta.
- Slightly edited some Move Analyses to include new tips.
- Fixed various typos and formatting errors

The next update should include a ton of new Long Combos, for major damage and style points! In addition, the Match-Up Analysis section should be started soon, so stay tuned for more great info! Let me know if there's anything I forgot, or should add/change, and I'll update it as soon as possible!

6/17/16: First major update! Here's a list of what has been updated:

- Added a new section, Stage Analysis! This aims to analyze all competitively viable stages and determine how they affect Bayonetta. Includes pictures!
- Added percentages to all combos! Listed at the end of a combo in gray, they signify the amount of damage a combo does, assuming everything hits. Hopefully this will help you to determine which combos you like the most!
- Added Falling Uair (Late) combos! Provides an alternative to the early hit of Uair to use as a combo starter. Also updated a few combos to include SH Uair as an option.
- Added Bullet Arts Analyses for all moves (except throws)! This describes what the Bullet Arts look like (damage, angle, etc.) and how they are best used. Also slightly changed some move descriptions to remove redundant information.
- Fixed various typos and formatting errors.

Match-Up Analyses are coming up soon, so stay tuned! Let me know if there's anything I forgot, or should add/change, and I'll update it as soon as possible!

- TheColorfulOrca
6/10/16: At long last, the original version of the guide has been completed! Although technically "finished", I do plan to add a few more sections, such as match-up analyses and stage analyses. Expect more soon!

Note that this is the same guide previously posted in the General Guides section, but to change the section it was in, I needed to make a completely new guide. All of the content remains the same, and the only thing that changed is the section it is under.