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Mii Brawler Guide: Combo's and Applications.

Game Versions
Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
This guide is simply being put out there to help any Mii breaker mains get better at learning him. I do wish, and hope, that there will be people out there, willing to put work into Mii and try new things and help improve upon his rank in the meta.

All combos and applications were done on mario, and as such, there all are true. I hope this can be useful to anyone out there. Mii is default size and has all default 1-1-1-1 specials.

Mii Brawler's aerials are average, but compiled with his air speed, they can be put to great use. Fair comes out at frame 8 and does 9 damage when both hits connect, first hit doing 4%, second doing 5%. Fair can combo into various moves, such as, up smash, up tilt, from 0-50% on Mario, and down smash and nair work around 0-36%. At 90% fair into two up airs true combo. Fair does not work greatly as a kill option. Bair is stronger than fair, but not incredibly strong, as it kills Mario at the edge at 160% with rage. Bair comes out at frame 7, and does 10%. Bair doesn't do much with combos besides down throw, but we'll get to that later. Autocancels out of short hop. Up air comes out at frame 6 and does 8%. It's not great as a kill move either, as it kills at 210%, but it does have some combos. Autocancels out of short hop. At 80-100% it's can combo into itself 3-2 times, 3 times at 80%, and 2 times at 90-100%. Dair comes out frame 13 and does 16%. It's not used in combos, and acts as a spike. Nair comes out frame 3 and does 10%, works great as a OOS option. Works similar to marios, where it has a lingering hitbox, and can jab lock your opponents.

Jab comes out frame 2, percent can not be disclosed, as its only has a rapid jab and doesn't hit properly. It's easily escapable and you should avoid using it. Up tilt comes out frame 5 and does 6%, making it the second fastest normal. It combos into the first hit of jab as 20% but not the rest of jab. It's combos into itself twice at 20-30%. Forward tilt comes out at frame 6 and does 8%. It can jab lock at low to mid percents. Overall, not used for much. Down tilt comes out frame 7 and does 8%. A great combo starter for moves such as, fair, up air, nair, up smash, down smash, and itself. Dash attack comes out frame 6 and does 11%, good for when your opponent misses their tech.

Smash Attacks:
Down smash comes out frame 9 and does 13%, also works as a great finisher. Up smash comes out frame 8 and does 14%, similar to down smash, works as a finisher. Miis legs are intangible at frames 8-12 when Mii uses up smash. F-smash is Miis strongest smash attack, coming out at frame 17 and does 18%. Since f-smash has so much start up and end lag, it's not used much, but can serve as a great punish for a hard read.

Specials (1-1-1-1):
I am only going to talk about the default specials, since those are the only legal ones. None of the specials actually combo or have alot of uses, they can be used for reads and mixing up your approachs. Side-b does 8% and is good for mixing up your recovery since Mii does not have the best recovery. it can kill, but at very high percents. Neutral-B is not very useful, it can be used as a edge guard, but be careful of your opponent has a reflect move. It is powerful, but not optimal, especially as a projectile. Up-B is a very linear move, similar to Ike's, it does go far vertically, but not horizontally. Down-B is a move that burrows your opponent, but is very laggy, and therefore, not used alot, but it does have some applications out of grab (but that shall be discussed later). Has a Spike hitbox, but Mii will mostly always die first.

Grabs are a great part of Miis kit, most of them are average, besides down throw.
Fthrow kills at 210% at the ledge and deals 9%. Up throw kills at 400% (yes, I know it's bad) and deals 8%. Back throw deals 7% and kill at 285% at the edge. Down throw is a incredibly useful part of Miis kit, and has many applications. It kills at 260% and deals 6%. It can combo into a RAR bair, footstool, then down b, which can deal a fair amount of damage, or its can jab lock from a sour spot nair, but this is hard to pull off, so it will take you some time, works at 10-24%. Any aerial can combos from a down throw besides dair.

Things To Keep Note Of:
Though Miis recovery isn't the best, you can still recovery properly, so don't be afraid to go high when recovering, because taking damage is better than dying. Miis best kill options are his up and down smash, it's also useful to try to confuse your opponents to land a move to kill. Mii doesn't have the alot of 50/50's that can kill. Mii is a fast faller and heavy, so be careful of that. Mii has a wall jump, so make use of that when possible. And finally, Miis taunts kill everyone at 0% (I'm joking).

I hope this has been helpful to anyone picking up the character. It'd be nice to see a change of pace in the metagame as of now.
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