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Marth Guide for SSBM

I have not found the information in the guide, and I dont have the links. The only thing i did was to collect all the infomation in one Word document. I have writed something but its mostly written by other people. The only reason i did this was to help myself and other Marth players.

I was to lazy to copy all the text and make it look great on smashboards thats why i uploaded it here:
I you view the document on Mediafire it may not look nice thats why you should download it.
I hope this guide will help you guys.
And iam Sorry if my english is not optimal iam from Norway

Table of Contents

The Basics

Introduction to Marth
Pros and Cons

Positional Advantage
Opponent knocked down
Opponent off-stage
Opponent above you
Opponent in the corner

Ground control
Offense, Defense, Patience
Zoning and Threatening
Do's and Don'ts
The Neutral Game

Dash dancing
On how to begin a dash dance
Closing thoughts on dash dancing
Wavedashing Back
Cactus Dashing/Momentum Stalling
Mow and Peepee discuss Approaching
Tips on Marth's moveset

Move list
Dtilt Fair Nair Fsmash Uthrow Fthrow Utilt Uair Dair Ftilt Jab Up B (Dolphin Slash) Bthrow Bair Forward B Down B (Counter) Dsmash Usmash

List of Important Marth Tech to practice

S Tier Matchup guides




:marthmelee:Marth Ditto



:falconmelee:Captain Falcon

:icsmelee:Ice Climbers
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I haven't even read the whole thing and I can tell you put a lot of work into this. It is very in-depth with all of its content and explains things very well. Good job and thank you.
I feel real gut, so gut, evergood
nice dude.
Good luck mastering Marth, i have more fun/success with Fox but he is still a amazing charcter even if some matchups are super hard xD
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