Lucario Jab Lock Combos

Lucario Jab Lock Combos

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Who am I:
Hello fellow smashers, please allow me to introduce myself. I'm jeje1197 and I've been competitive smash player for about 2 years now. I've been labbing some footstool setups with Lucario for a quite some time and made a few videos on it so you guys can get a visual on how the technique is performed.
Things to Know Beforehand:
  • Timing is crucial, input something too early or late and you won't land the combo.
  • N-air and aura sphere are the only moves Lucario has that jab lock.
How to perform this jab lock combo:
1) Get a nearly grounded fair on your opponent.
2) Follow up with a footstool.
3) Input D-air as soon as you can without hitting the opponent (This will cancel your double jump's momentum).
4) Either fast fall with N-air or fast fall aura sphere into the opponent.

Knowing when to use N-air: N-air jab locks until about 40% (Weight Dependent). This does give more damage than using Aura Sphere, however it does not cover backwards DI well since 2nd hit N-air (backside N-air) is difficult to land.

Knowing when to use Aura Sphere: Aura Sphere jab locks until about 100%(Weight Dependent) and covers backwards DI but gives considerably less damage than using Nair.

If you do this correctly, your opponent should be jab locked.

THERE ARE SOME LIMITATIONS. Some limitations may make this combo useless in certain matchups, as it may not even connect on them, or may not be worth the hassle sometimes.

1) Small characters are hard to hit or my not even get hit from grounded fair.
Ex: Pikachu would be a harder character to land the combo on.
2) Your and your opponent's %s
If your aura is too high or your opponent is out of the combo's % range, you may not be able to get the footstool or the lock.
3) DI can affect your ability to get the footstool or the lock.

  • FF N-air > F-air
  • Uthrow > F-air
  • Uthrow > N-air(Both Hits) > Fair
  • Utilt > F-air
  • Jab lock > F-air
  • ASC(Aura Sphere Charge) > F-air
How these work together:
How these work together (Cleaner Version):
Setup Guide:

Video Guide by
SBB Shap:

Special Thanks:
I want to give a special thanks to SBB Shap for making a video guide.

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"I need my aura to have fun."
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