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Lucario guide to Project M

So lets start. This guide will be focusing mainly on the combos that Lucario can use in certain match ups/situations. If a combo is dependent on weight then that means if they're heavier they can be done at a little higher percentages. Double team is down B. force palm is side B. Neutral B is Aura Sphere

Anyone: These combos typically work on any character.

Dash attack/1-2 Jab> Up Tilt (sometimes up smash works after this as well depending on how they DI. This can sometimes be repeated multiple times)

Dash Attack/1-2 Jab>Down Smash>Aura Sphere/Double Team (Works at lower percentages. the heavier the character the more you can do this at higher percentages)

Fair> Side B (Force palm)(doesn't ALWAYS work but it usually is too hard to punish and the pay off, off stage is amazing. Also works well if you let go of the ledge and jump at low percentages)

Down Tilt>Jump> Nair>Aura Sphere/Double team (Down Tilt lobs them up and you jump and Nair, only works at certain percentages but works on anyone)

Medium Weight Characters (exp.Mario)

Grab>Down Throw>Jump>Force Palm(Only works at certain percentages but it works best against big guys and medium weights... it was just too flashy of a kill to leave out)

Fast Faller/Heavy Weight/Big Character (exp.Bowser) combos

Up Smash>Force Palm (Takes timing so i recommend setting training mode to fox and practice)

Dash Attack/1-2 Jab>Side Tilt>Force Palm/Down Smash(Works on anyone at 0 percent)

Aura Cancel Combos/Tricks

Dash Attack/1-2 Jab>Down Smash>Double Team>Aura Cancel>Down/Forward Smash (The Down and Forward smash is dependent on their percentage or weight)

Dash Attack>Forward Smash>Double Team>Aura Cancel>Forward Smash> Double Team (If opponent is at low or 0 percentage then do the second forward smash in the opposite direction of the first)

Aerial Double Team>Nair(Great for recovering, also works with Dair)

Extreme Speed>Aura Cancel>Double Team/Nair(if you Extreme Speed high then you can Double Team for a good recovory or Nair to knock away nearby opponents)

Double Team>Aura Cancel>Jab(This is good for any combo that starts with Jab)

Short Hop>Fair>Double Team>Aura Cancel>Down Smash(You'll need to learn how to time the Down Smash)

Things to keep in mind when playing Lucario: An aura charged Force Palm can kill at around 120 percent on medium weight characters or light weights. Dair is great for hitting opponents out of their Up B and gimping. Just plain Double teaming and canceling it into a Down/Forward smash can really help. Double team after almost any aerial.(Force Palm typically after Fair)

Well I know this isn't nearly all the combos he can pull off and I didn't include uses for his Aura Bomb but you can just jab or dash attack then use it. Anyway I hope this guide (seeing this was the only one lol) was at least somewhat useful and I look forward to seeing more Lucarios around.
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Thanks! really helped me get started.
You should try not to rely on dt to much gets predictable and you can do so much more with asc. Like why fair into dt when yo can fair asc fair asc dtilt/dj fair asc (dependent on height/di) and dt in smash attack can catch some off guard and get a sneaky kill if used sparingly. but best option from dt is uptilt and a mix up is if they expect that approach and go into shield/spotdodge dt to get behind them and grab them or just uptilt asc them and they will most likely get caught off guard because the uptilt is delayed because you didnt dt cancel it. If they managed to still shield it you have a ton of options you can do to pressure them or to land a grab. I keep going on but nahh.
Title is misleading. Change it to (ex.) Lucario combos, and it becomes a 4.
4 Cause I’d like to know the damage it gives.
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