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Link: 5 Tips on Projectile Proficiency.
A guide for teaching the basics of Link's projectiles and when/how to use them. Seasoned Link players won't find much value out of this, but newcomers may find it very helpful in how to work with the Bombs and Boomerangs

1. Projectile persistence

When you have a good distance from your opponent try to always have bombs and boomerangs on the screen so that you crowd your opponent's space to work with, giving you the upper hand and knock your opponent around for extra percent.

2. Waist no bombs or boomerangs

If the opponent is to far away to get a quick forward boomerang throw, throw the opposite direction of what you want to hit, because boomerangs angle towards you coming back, so position yourself to get boomerangs to fly into your opponent as the're coming back to you, although you can just jump over it and let it go under you to hit them instead of catching it.

-Preemptive bomb and boomerang placement: toss boomerangs at your opponent's height whenever you have the chance, and leave bombs in their expected paths through the map to inconvenience your opponent.

3. Types of bomb throws and when to use them

Dash throw: If you throw a bomb out of a dash, the bomb will explode once it hits the ground, but does more damage when it hits.

Jump throw: Same as dash throw but lag between the button press and actually throwing the bomb is shorter, and it travels a longer distance.
Neutral throw: If you throw while standing still, the bomb will not explode on impact and will just sit on the ground for a few seconds before exploding, then both player have the opportunity to grab the bomb and use it.

When to use them: When you do a neutral throw both players can grab the bomb so you should use a dash throw if you're almost definite you'll hit or miss them, so that if it hits, you'll do extra damage, and if it misses you're not leaving it for them to use. If you think you'll hit them but you're not 100% sure, throw while standing still so that you can try again on the off-chance it misses. If you want do a dash throw but your opponent is out of range, do a jump throw.

4. Getting rid of unwanted bombs

When you want to do any attacks (besides throwing a boomerang, which you can do while holding a bomb) but you're already holding a bomb and you don't have the opportunity to throw it at your opponent, throw it up into the air so it may have the opportunity to hit them on the way down later, freeing you to do normal attack. (Your own bombs can hurt
you to, so be weary of avoiding there explosions.)

5. Using bombs for defense

If your on the ground and not attacking, you should probably always have a bomb ready, so if your unexpectedly approached you can toss a bomb quickly as a defense to make quick escape.
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Um... thanks?
Great tutorial the only question I have is what game is it cause links projectiles work differently for every game?
In Melee and up, when you throw a bomb from standing position it explodes instead of falling off the ground, and boomerang is changed from neutral special to side special. You also can catch bombs that are in the air in Melee and up.
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