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So you want to play pacman, this guide will give you all the help you need!
Jabs & Tilts
Jab - 3% 2% 4% Punches twice, then does a quick flip kick. Reliable
FTilt - 8% A quick Side kick. good after Dash attack.
UTilt - 7% Swings his head forward. Does a headbutt. Combos into itself.
DTilt - 6% Turns into RETRO-PAC (Ball Form). Combos into itself.
Dash Attack- 2% 2% 5% Turns into RETRO-PAC, Chomps three times and slides forward ^*LITTLE TO NO ENDING LAG*

Smash Attacks & Aerials
FSmash - 16% (ghost), 15% (arm), 9% (lingering hitbox) Summons Blinky, the red ghost and holds him forward, good horizontal.
USmash - 3% (hit 1), 14% (hit 2 ), 8% (hit 2 lingering hitbox) Summons Inky, the blue ghost, straight upward with moderate knockback with high ending lag.
DSmash - 13% (clean), 7% (late) Shoots Pinky and Clyde, the pink and orange ghosts respectively, at both of his sides. Absolutely 100% Wonderful for punishing rolls
NAir - 10% (Beginning of Hitbox), 6% (Middle of Hitbox), 3% (End of Hitbox) (Lingers quite a while) Transforms to RETRO-PAC and spins around
Fair - 5% midair roundhouse kick, minimal lag, good for combos.
Bair - 11.8% (Beginning), 7% (End) Kicks behind himself *kill move*
Uair - 10% Midair attack from Pac World 2, also good for combos

Dair - Multihit, 1.5% (hits 1-3), 6% (hit 4) Its like snakes dair, Shorthop combo.

Grab - VERY SLOW. Boss Galagas Tractor beam, does not tether ledge Pummels 3.25% use one or two.
Uthrow - 5% Flings upward, does not kill.
Dthrow - 1.5%, 6% Chomps down as RETRO-PAC
Fthrow - 6% Throws forward

BThrow - 11% Marios backthrow

Neutral B
(i need a whole section for this, its the "key" to playing him hehe

Cycles through fruits.
(Custom1 - 4% (cherry), 6% (strawberry), 8% (orange), 9% (apple), 12% (melon), 9% (Galaxian), 8% (bell), 15% (key).)

[Custom2 - 2% (cherry), 3% (strawberry), 5% (orange), 8% (apple), 12% (melon), 8% (Galaxian), 5% (bell), 9% (key)]

{Custom3 - 1% (cherry), 3% (strawberry), 5% (orange), 6% (apple), 8% (melon), 2% (Galaxian), 7% (bell), 7% (key) }

Cherry - 4% bounces once, then disappears

Strawberry - 6% same as cherry, bounces more than once

Orange - 8% Travels in a straight line for about half the length of FD before disappearing. Knocks characters in a semi spike angle. {Worse version of key}

Apple - 9% Bounces across floor if thrown off stage flies diagonally.

Melon - 12% Broad arc, kill move. kinda slow

Galaxian - Shuttle loop, 9% every time it connects.

Bell - 8% high arc, falls down. Paralyzes opponents

Key - 15% faster, better version of orange. Kills, breaks Fire Hydrant

[Custom2 - Freaky Fruit, less damage more erratic movement. awesome for spacing]
{Custom3 - Lazy Fruit, slower, less damage, good for edgeguarding}

Other Specials
SideB - Power Pellet; RETRO-PAC Chomps along a line you create. 4 damage at beginning, 12 at end. (Kill at 120)
[Custom2; More pellets, more maneuvering, less damage]
{Custom3; Less Pellets, less maneuvering, more damage, kill at 80}

UpB - Pac-Jump; Mappy's Trampoline. Can jump on it 3 times, recovering higher and higher. Good but susceptible to gimps
[Custom2; Three jumps that give you less and less air, 4th jump meteors the person]
{Custom3; One jump, not very gimpable}

DownB - 9% Fire Hydrant, Pacman plops down a fire hydrant, if it takes 13%, it will become a projectile inflicting 13%
[Custom2; On Fire Hydrant, Shoots Fire dealing 4% - 8% when a projectile it does 20%]
{Custom3; Dire Hydrant, plops down and explodes dealing 10% low knockback, not an effective kill or edguard}

Combos and Setups
When Playing Pacman, Setups and Combos are extremely Vital to your play. Most of your setups and combos will derive from your bonus fruit and aerials. The secret to playing pacman is to combo effectively and get them up to high percents. Some combos i like to use are
  • Dthrow, Dash Attack Fullhop Nair (or fair depending on DI)
  • Upthrow, Bait the Airdodge Usmash
  • Fthrow, any fruit but cherry
  • Bthrow Orange or Key
  • Dtilt Dash attack nair (at low percents, after that, try uair or fair.)
  • Dash attack Ftilt (they have to roll when you dash attack for it to work) (if they roll the other way try dsmash)
  • Utilt x2 or x3 Uair or Nair depending on percent
  • (On battlefield) Galaxian on to left platform, nair, pickup Galaxian. Galaxian onto top platform,
  • Bell, Dashattack regrab bell, Bell, fair
  • Bell, Pickupbell, SH, zdrop, doublejump DownB (dair depending on DI)
  • Key into fire hydrant
  • Fire hydrant, stand on top so water hits you up, key (higher percents for this to work)
  • Zdrop Mango fire hydrant, have mango break hydrant for max effect
And many more! Also if you guys have some combos you'd like to inform me of please do so!

Alright Fellow PAC-MAINS! Go out there and show the smash scene what you've got!

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I feel like their could be more to add here. You listed his moves, but you didn't exactly list effective ways to use them. Most guides usually have some kind of strategy section. Does Pac-Man have any bad matchups, or is he perfect against everybody? These might be some things you might want to consider adding to your guide at some point.