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How to Play the Monado Boy

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Smash 3DS, Smash Wii U
Shulk is a character full of potential, but is a really slow character so people usually pass him. Im gona tell you how you can be fast with Shulk, but before we get there lets go to the basics of Shulk. Shulk is a character who has long range, but suffers with bad frame data. He has good aerials, his bair is really long, and has bad frame data it can kill near the edge with no rage or smash at 110%. With DI in smash it kills at, and with no rage around 90%. Bair does 12%, and does 16% in buster. In shield it does 8% and in smash it does 6%. His Nair is by far his best move with great frame data and has good range, plus he can combo into a lot of stuff with for ex. nair into down tilt into a dash grab. Nair does 11% in Buster and 7% without. In shield it does 4% and in smash it does 3%. Up air is pretty good if you want to surprise your opponent also it has ok frame data and with no smash, no rage, and DI it kills around 90% with jump, Smash with DI and no rage it kills at 88%. Up air does 15% without buster, with buster it does 21%. In shield it does 10% in smash it does 7%. Dair is like Up air, but it spikes (obviously).To spike it has to be in the middle of the sword. Dair does without buster 17% in buster 23%. Fair is a great move like Nair it can be used in combos and kill combos fair into fair into up B or just fair into fair if the person is at high percents. It can kill at 100% off edge with DI depends on how close you are to the blast zones. In smash it can kill 90 again it depends on how close you are to the blast zones. it does without buster 7% with buster it does 10%. In shield it does 5% in smash it does 3%. Ok so now that I got his aerials down lets go to tilt. His F-tilt has good range and ok frame data and does 16% in buster and 13% without buster. In shield it does 9% and 6% in smash. I really like using this move its one of my favorites along with d-Tilt and Nair. it kills in smash on the edge with DI and no rage at 98% and kills without smash 110%. Down tilt is a great move for combos and has good range and can cover the ledge. does a decent amount of damage which is 9% without buster with buster does 12% in shield it does 6% in smash it does 4%. Up tilt can catch your enemies in the air and does 8% regularly 11% in buster then in shield 5% and in smash it does 4%. 110% in smash and 115% without smash it kills both without DI and rage. now lets go to the throws. My favorite throw is down throw because it can combo into down tilt at 0% with buster. it does 7% and kills at 100% in smash only in buster it does 9%. forward is pretty good, but I don't use it as often 15% in buster and 11% without. back throw has the most damage and kills at 100% smash only and does 16% in buster and does without buster 12%. Up throw isn't that useful I don't use it at all. It does 7% and does 9% in buster. Shulk's pummel isn't a good pummel theres better. In buster it does 4% without buster it does 3%. Shulk has a pretty decent jab it does 17.5%(Sorry for the wrong information from before) in buster and does 12% without buster. in smash it kills at 120%. in smash it does 6%. His Smashes have bad frame data but are really good Side Smash has really bad frame data and should only be used for reading. it does 18% without Buster with buster it does 25 percent this is all uncharged. in smash it kills at 68% (WOW) does 9%. it kills without smash 76%. Down smash is really good for reading rolls and can really kill a shield in buster. 81% it kills 69% it does 14% and in buster it does 20%(again WOW) and in smash it does 7% and in shield it does 10%. up smash isn't that useful really i think that up tilt is better. it does 13% without buster and does with buster 18%. It kills at 102% without smash and it kills with smash at 93% and does 6% with smash and with shield it does 9%. So now that we got that out of the way lets get to the techs.

First MALLC or Monado Arts Landing Lag Cancel is a AMAZING allows you to cancel your landing lag with aerials so moves like bair, fair and up air would be amazing though doing up air and down air are really hard to cancel. So basically what you have to do is jump in the air use a art then use any aerial i suggest bair then hit the ground, if done correctly it should go to the pose then you can use any move out of that. Now there is also something called MADC which stands for Monado Art Dash Cancel this allows Shulk to have better approaches which is really great since Shulk can't really approach. If you wanna see some amazing Shulk mains i suggest looking up 9B he is a Japanese Shulk main also you should look up Distant Kingdom. I have hope that one day we WILL figure out the power of the Monando. (M2K reference Monado lol) Anyways I hope you guys learned something new and I hope that you have mastered the Monado with practice. Also if I did something wrong let me know.
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I feel that you rushed this too fast. Ya gave out damages for some of Shulk's moveset while including damages for the Monado Art damage multipliers, but their damages aren't flat because the Art multipliers result with decimals. I'm being nit-picky atm but ya got Buster Jab Combo's damage incorrect; It's not 20% but rather it's close to 17.22%. Hyper Buster Jab Combo deals around 20% though :P. You also didn't explain that much about the moves themselves or their applications.

As far as the techniques go, it was nice that you mentioned about Monado Art Landing Lag Cancel & Monado Art Dash / Run Cancel, but you didn't talk about deactivating arts during hitstun which I feel is more important to learn playing as Shulk than either of the two.
Ah ok sorry
Not a bad move analysis and explains tech, but it's very unorganized and grammar is... Well, just is. Other than that, it looks fine to me!
sorry was in a rush to get it done xD
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