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How To Link 101

Link is a middleweight who specializes in traps. Link does not have extended combos or anything, but he makes up for it with his power and option coverage. Link flows best when the opponent is where you want them to be. Get them there, and then he throws out his superior attacks and clawshot, to add heavy percent, and to take a stock.

I would not recommend Link for beginners. He is level 3 complexity. He is my main, and I personally think he is the worst character in the game. The thing about Link is that he is hard to learn, but figure him out, and you'll give your opponents something to scream about. I'll go over some his moves and some combos. Let's get on.

Link is pretty durable, and he has two interesting quirks. The first is that he can increase his fall speed by 90%. Every one else can increase theirs by 60%. This comes in hand with baits and escaping. The second is his hylian shield. It will block any projectile. It only works while walking, standing or crouching. It will actually give you LESS shield stun than a perfect shield. (Nifty!)

Link doesn't have the best jab, but it has one nifty mechanic. Link is the only character who can do a"Jab cancel" In which he switches out the second or third hit of jab to something else. You could go with a grab if you hit a shield, down tilt for early combos, forward smash for kills, or a taunt for sick disrespect. Only hits 1 and 2 are safe on shield.

It's pretty slow, so don't go using it too much. It has good kill power, and mixed with a pivot, it helps with baits. Not safe on shield

This covers THE ENTIRE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE. Okay, maybe not that much, but all around Link. It combos into itself, comes out pretty fast and is a great follow up to down throw. Safe on Shield

Link's fastest tilt, it is great in neutral. It combos into Fair and Uair at generous percent ranges. Great for early damage!
(Nair to Jab-Jab to Dtilt to Fair is my personal favorite combo) Safe on shield.

This devastating attack wields enormous amounts of kill power. It consists of two parts. The first swing is more of a trapper to combo into the second swing. It does however, have a tipper hitbox that will launch the opponent. The second swing takes the stock. But be warned! This move has SO MUCH end lag it doesn't have endlag. IT HAS COOLDOWN. Not safe on shield

Consists of three swings, the third deals knockback. It is a great anti-air and can catch rolls. Not safe on shield.

Dsmash- The front hit send opponents upwards, whereas the back one sends them at a 30-degree angle. Not safe on shield.

Grab- Link uses his clawshot to reach opponents far away. It can be used as a tether recovery. But be careful, if whiffed, it can be punished. Hard. Really hard.

Link can use his clawshot in the air to space opponents, interrupt approaches and combo into grab at low percents and Fsmash at high %.

Fthrow & Bthrow-
Used for stage control and as a "get off me"

Combos into Utilt and Usmash. You usually want to go with Usmash. But be quick about it! The enemy might jump out!

Can kill lightweights at 150% up, Midweights at 170% up and Heavies at 200% up. At early percent, if your opponent is a fast-faller, it may be wise to go with Uthrow instead of Dthrow if you want to connect some Utilts.

One of the best in the game, Link's neutral air is a sex kick, meaning it starts hard and ends soft. It has a lasting hitbox. The soft (late) hit can combo into dash attack if the opponent misses the tech. GREAT for edge-guarding. Good for approaching if spaced back.

Consists of two swings. The first does the knockback so you will rarely connect both of them. It kills well, does massive shield damage and can be used to approach tall characters if spaced back.

Two hits, they connect most of the time. Good for attacking opponents behind you if you short hop. It combos into itself at low percent. The first hit deals a set amount of knockback - it will never kill. Use this in conjunction with other moves.

This bad boy can fit so many active frames in it. It lasts longer than any airdodge. A great frame trap. It also kills well.

Long lasting, it spikes on the first few frames.

Dash Attack-
A jump attack, it delivers the force of a smash and has a tipper.


Link's 3rd-priority projectile. Can be charged, good for jablocks, edge-guarding, interrupting approaches and halting other projectiles.

Link's 2nd-priority projectile. Laggy, low damage, but travels rather far. You can do a soft or hard throw, and aim in three directions. Good for spacing, forcing airdoges, edge-guarding, getting back on stage, and the windbox can pull opponents.

Link's 1st-priority projectile. Good for everything. They lead into Dtilt, Usmash, Dash Attack, Fair, pretty much everything. Bomb to Fair is a good kill combo. They help recover, space, stage control, traps, edge-guarding. Everything. You pretty much always want to have a bomb out. But only grab one when it is safe and beneficial.

Spin attack-
Not the best recover, but threatens the opponents as they try to gimp you. On the ground, it is a powerful kill move.

That;s all his moves. For more extensive, better gudies for Link, check out

IzAw (Official best Link in the world)

LXz - Smash Bros.



These guys are great Links and they know thier stuff. Some good videos to watch are






So in conclusion Link isn't all that bad. Do you know what that means?

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