Fruity but Ferocious: A Guide to playing as PAC-MAN

Fruity but Ferocious: A Guide to playing as PAC-MAN

Here are some different Skills and Techniques you can use with PAC-MAN:

POWER PELLET OF DOOM: So for this skill, you need to make sure that your opponent is right in front of you, and they need to have a lot of damage built up. Position your Pac-Dot Chain somewhat like this

and when you move forward, your opponent will fly directly into the power pellet, and when you reach the power pellet, your opponent will be waiting there defenselessly flying through the air.

APPLE HYDRANT: For this skill you will need to stand on top of PAC-MAN's fire hydrant, and charge your bonus fruit up to the apple. Then throw the apple in the direction of the opponent. If you're lucky, you'll be able to hit your opponent head on!

FIRE CRUSHER: This one (in case it isn't obvious enough) will require the fire hydrant, plus some good aim. So when an opponent is off the side of the stage, try to move above them, and drop a fire hydrant on top of them. This can do a variety of different things. It can mess up all sorts of recoveries, considering that many of the fighters in the game have some big exploits in their up specials, or if you're lucky enough, you might be able to spike them off the side of the stage (depending on which stage you're playing on) and launch them to their doom.

THE WORLD'S LONGEST BACKWARDS DROPKICK: This skill may take lots of time and practice to perfect, but when you manage to get this right, it can make up for quite the punishment. So your opponent's damage should be at the least 80%. When your opponent is closest to the edge, back throw them off the stage. Make sure that they are somewhat below surface level of the stage. When the opponent is recovering, at the right moment, back air them into the side of the stage, and they will spike off of it and plummet to a nasty fall. I've only tried this with Flat Stages without the walls on the sides, so this might not work for flat stages with walls on the sides, I'm not 100% sure, and like I said before, this may take a lot of time and practice to perfect.​
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BONUS FRUIT (Neutral B): Bonus fruit is one of PAC-MAN's most important moves out of his entire moveset. With this move, PAC-MAN has access to an arsenal of 9 Different Fruits/Items, and he can throw them. Each fruit/item has a different and unique pattern, and does a different ammount of damage. This is what they do:
Cherry/Strawberry: Both of these fruits act identically, and do around the same amount of damage as well, and it's not that much. This is best to use when your opponent is up close.
Orange: The orange does 9%'s worth of damage. It is best to use this from short to medium distances. This one can really catch opponents by surprise!
Apple: Dealing about 10%'s worth of damage, the apple is very useful for racking up damage. But use it wisely, since it's pattern is different than any other fruit and moves in a very similar fashion to Pikachu's neutral special.
Melon: The melon is a very slow fruit, and is pretty easy to dodge, but when it DOES hit somebody, oooooh boy... The melon deals 12% damage, and it is best to either throw it while your opponent is caught off guard, use it up close, or if you're skilled enough, toss it into oblivion, and then throw your opponent into it.
Galaxian: This is where the fruits start getting whacky. The Galaxian simply flies forward, does a loop, and flies either straight forward or diagonally upward (depending on where your opponent is) The Galaxian does 9% damage for each hit, and yes, it's possible for this thing to hit multiple times.
Bell: Your ears will be ringing after this one hits! The bell does a moderate amount of damage, and for it's pattern, it goes diagonally up, and straight down. But it is very useful. You know why? Two words: Stun Effect. The more damage your opponent has, the longer your opponent will be stunned, leaving them 100% vulnerable, giving you a chance to do deadly blows.
Key: This here is the key to success when playing as PAC-MAN.

Bad puns and UNDERTALE gifs aside, let me explain to you why that is. The key is capable of dealing a whopping 15%'s worth of damage, and can do serious knockback if your opponent's damage gauge is high enough. The key could also catch people off guard pretty easily, since it moves straight forward, at a very high speed.

POWER PELLET (Side B): This move is best for both recovery and racking up some damage. With this move, PAC-MAN releases a chain of Pac-Dots with a Power Pellet at the end. It can be positioned in many different ways with the left analog joystick. The move may also be cut short if you only wish to have a short chain just to bring some pain to your foes. Here are the basic elements of it:
The Beginning Part (I didn't know what else to call it): After the chain is fully developed, PAC-MAN turns into his classic form, and if anybody touches him while this happens, they will be launched forward, in which they are given 10%'s worth of damage.
The Chain: When PAC-MAN is in the middle of eating the Pac-Dots in his chain, he will do 4% damage to anyone in the way, with very little knockback.
The Climax: After PAC-MAN eats the Power Pellet at the end, anybody he touches will be dealt 12%'s worth of damage, and depending on their damage gauge, they will be knocked back pretty far.

FIRE HYDRANT (Down B): With this move, PAC-MAN drops down a big red fire hydrant that deals 9% damage if it hits anybody. It spits out water, which can help with spacing between you and your opponent. PAC-MAN is also able to hit the fire hydrant so it can go hurtling towards the opposing fighter. That does 13%'s worth of damage. Be careful though, your opponent is also capable of hitting it so it can hurt you instead.

PAC-JUMP (Up B): PAC-MAN summons a trampoline to launch himself upward. The trampoline can be jumped on 3 times by anybody. Each time you jump on it, you go higher, and you deal more damage to anybody in your way. You can deal up to 10%'s worth of damage while your being launched upward. It might not do as much knockback, but it's great for delivering some well deserved damage to your opponent.

BACKWARD THROW: PAC-MAN's back throw is great for both dealing damage, and spacing yourself between you and your opponent. It deals a worthy amount of damage.

BACKWARD AERIAL: PAC-MAN's back air does about 11% damage, and is best used to knock opponents off the stage, considering it's high amount of knockback.
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