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Bomb Tricks

I'll edit this later with pictures

VERSION 1.2.0 of Smash Ultimate

Normally when you play Link and unleash your epic barrage of projectiles, most of your boomerangs, arrows, and bombs go flying directly at your enemy, just like if you played Young Link or SSB4 Link. Sure, maybe you throw down a bomb to act like a mine to gain great stage control or angle your boomerang upwards for the surprise factor.

Oh. By the way. I don't refer Link as his actual name. To me that guy is a MAN, and we gonna call him dat, just Man (or if you are a cool kid like me 'Mohn'. Young Link's a young man, so he's YONG MOHN). Don't like it? ADAPT.

The premise of this "guide" I guess is how Mohn's new bomb can be moved around not by just picking it up and throwing it, but attacking it and launching it at a unique trajectories that throwing it will never achieve. Yes this was labbed for a whole day by yours truly

Technically, you can hit Mohn's remote bomb with any attack, but some yield better trajectories than others and some are easier to pull off than others. The following will be a little list of the moves that are the easiest to pull off and yield the best results

Basic Bomb Moving Methods
Let's start with the simple trajectories first before we move on to any of that galaxy brain trajectories: Throwing the bomb.

There are three main ways to throw Mohn's blue explosive:

Up: Throws it skywards, when it lands it bounces a couple times

Down: Throws it on the ground and makes it bounce a couple times

Type 1: Normal throw, you'll notice that the bomb doesn't decide to fly off to the edge of the TV
Type 2: Smash throw, you'll find yourself doing this a lot, you throw far and fast since you are inputting forward/backward at the same time as pressing the grab for attack button. This commonly causes to bomb to rocket off the stage

On a beginner level, all of these are good for positioning your bombs. However, every single one of these methods involve straight line trajectories; this trajectory is common with every other projectile you have, so your enemy will get used to it often. This is where the trajectories this guide is about will come in handy.

Big Brain Trajectories
There are many ways to hit the bombs, but some are easier to pull off than others. This spesific guide will just tell of the common ones you would be using the most.

Boomerang 2


Some of you guys who actually main the dude (I only co-secondary with Yong Mohn) may have found moves that give even greater results
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I came for some big brain trajectories but it looks like he just gave up writing it. Also, the mohn stuff is cringy
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