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As Slick as a Banana: A Guide To Diddy Kong

Really informative and gives you a lot of the basics to understanding Diddy but not super specific on moves such as tilts or jabs.
Great job I hope to see more!
ehh this stuff is kinda basic and obvious
the grab game is very detailed but more info on what to do besides just grabbing would be nice
Good guide, but incorrectly named. It basically focuses on Diddy Kong's grab game, and should probably be referred to as such.
Nice guide. Here's a new combo I found from a Jtails video: d throw, b-air x2 then d throw, u-air x2.
Also: d-tilt x2 to grab
Very good explanations :)
Very complete :)
I'm already a Diddy main, so this wasn't that helpful, but it's amazing for anyone looking to get on the Diddy hype train
Im naming my diddy amiibo 'UpAir'
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