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World of the Light Chapter One: Dawn


Smash Apprentice
Jan 21, 2019

Every day, just at the crack of dawn, one may observe Mr. Jumpman himself out and about already, not only unphased but encouraged by the early hour. Life is no cakewalk for our shapely plumber friend, but without fail he tackles every day with an unrivaled enthusiasm, a truly untroubled soul. Today will be no different, in spite of the massive party that took place yesterday, where everyone who he’s ever fought, been in a melee or even a brawl with, or clashed for fun or even for glory, had returned to the World of the Light and Smashville as a Fighter. Even long-lost friends like the mistakenly-entered Pichu, the time-traveler hero Young Link, and even the foriegn-to-Mario’s-universe combate Snake returned, all for one ultimate festival.

What grants him such energy despite the festivities that went down the night prior? Why, it’s the greatest smash of them all, and why would inviting just a few new and old buds be the end of that noble title?

One hundred and ten fighters in total will be here at Smashville by the end of the day, a true celebration of the multiverse and its inhabitants. Worlds torn apart by a nearly-forgotten war are free to come here and mingle as they please, and of course to join the fight. Why do they join the fight? Through the powers of Master Hand, a potential warrior may transform themselves into a Trophy- a hardened warrior, immune to damage and death, but all too aware of the joy of the fight.

Trophifaction is not a difficult process- simply throw a trophy stand at a willing volunteer and viola, a fighter- nor is undoing it, and as such, Mario has chosen to himself bestow the honor of trophying the newcomers, to ease the burden on Master Hand. And besides, who would fail to recognize the universal hero that is Mario?

An interdimensional train station of sorts was built in Smashville, a way to more easily bring in and out fighters and their fellow travers. Back in his day, fighters were sort of torn in and out of their home worlds and into the World of the Light through bizarre portals. While the portals would stop eventually, those left behind were frustrated with the process, and would eventually send simple invites through this scientific wonder. Villager, a mayor with a posse of house builders and city planners, would be one of the first to come through this portal, and later would go on to become the mayor of the city his friends built- Smashville.

History lessons are nice, Mario thought to himself, but the present is in the moment. He returned to his decorating of the quaint city, and waited for the newcomers.

. . .

A wooden clicking awoke the plumber from a quick nap. Mario opened his eyes and found none other than an old friend on his own quest- Geno the star spirit! He and the star warrior hadn’t seen each other in literal ages, though one of the Mii cosplayers (Sally? was her name?) had a Geno costume. However, this wooden doll standing before Mario was clearly the real deal.

After a while of catching up, Mario recalled he had a job to do. Geno was invited to be a fighter, not just stand there and look pretty. Once Geno was ready to do this, Mario threw the trophy stand at the doll.

After a brilliant flash of light, Mario uncovered his eyes, to find a life-sized statue of his friend standing before himself- Geno was a trophy! Mario eagerly tapped the stand as he had many a time after a fight, and the star warrior returned to his smooth wooden form, clearly stunned- he had become a fighter!

. . .

As the sun crept higher into the heavens, more and more eager youngins emerged from the station. Some faces Mario knew, such as the former assist trophy allies Isaac (and his friend Felix), Saki, and Sukapon, some he knew from his homeworld like Dixie Kong and Banjo-Kazooie, and many Mario only knew vaguely, like Shulk’s fanboy Rex. At one point, even a bizarre grass snake was entered as a fighter- a Pokemon, Mario thought. There was a lot of those in these tournaments, perhaps Master Hand’s choices reflected an inner love for the various pocket monsters?

Even former antagonists of some fighters, such as Samurai Goroh the bulky pirate from Cap’s world or Vaati the wind mage from Link’s, were allowed in. These admissions weren’t unwise choices on Master Hand’s part as Mario would soon observe- sometimes a fighter just gets homesick and wants to quarrel with an old rival. These assumptions were proven right by Toon Link’s prompt tackle of the small wizard and Cap’s near-vehicular assault on Goroh, a joke according to the duo later on that morning.

Most of the invited fighters weren’t invited to spawn conflict, though. Some were just family reunification. Lucas’ brother Claus, as well as Roy’s mother Lyn, both responded to their letters as the only new fighters from their respective worlds, allowing for some tearful reunions on their behalves.

Even long-forgotten fighters from lost realms responded to the letter. Rayman, a fighter who’s been invited several times but never was around to respond, finally showed up to fight, ready to kick some tail and eat good food. Quote, a robot from a realm Mario only vaguely knew but felt familiar to, came in for a clash, and even brought along his partner Curly Brace for double the fun.

Several sub-universi of major universes previously seen were finally given chances, resulting in Cloud being joined by comrades Luminary the Hero, 2B the Android, and Crono the time-traveler in this fight. Pac Man’s suggestion in Lloyd emerged in due time, weilding a pair of blades as colorful as his yellow friend. Alucard the dhampir joins the recently-invited Belmonts from their universe, contrasting as heavily to the swordsman before him as night and day. Sonic brought along his friends Shadow and Tails, as well as the strangely familiar Joker who came with them (something about the kid’s voice…). Several more equally colorful characters would follow the same pathway as did Quote, namely the militant gardener Shovel Knight, the genie dancer Shantae, and the peculiar cubical man known as Steve.

Several new univesi completely alien to World of the Light even gave their strongest fighters, with the menacing Marine, the adorable Jibanyan, and the hilarious Travis Touchdown all heading into the increasingly-crowded town square.

Several late arrivals would eventually show up to make the list. The same trainer who enlisted their “Serperior” would also come back to enter their psychic “Gardevoir” into the fight as Mario questioned the legality of entering two seperate contestants under one owner. A friend of Kirby, the spear-wielding Bandana Dee (or Bandee as King Dedede refers to him as) entered the fight at nearly noon. Several individual small worlds would send their fighters as well, resulting in the dragon-morpher Euden and the rhythmatic Karate Joe joining the festival. And finally, two young members of the ARMs fighting league already popular in Smashville- the bouncy Spring Man and charming Ribbon Girl- enter the event.

But one last fighter was missing. A certain purple wah-rior not known for his great courage but his fanbase and underdog status, and the final member of the Mario quartet- namely, Waluigi was missing! It isn’t alien for him to be late, but never as late as he was then. Mario sighed and looked at the time. Nearly sunset. The fighting would begin the next day, with all fighters being settled in today. One-hundred and twelve fighters were present, the later two of which Mario had no idea concerning their identities (Master Hand refused to tell Mario for reasons unknown to the plumber). Assuming MH was leaving it a surprise to everyone else, he would handle the whole “trophication” thing, leaving only Waluigi left for Mario to cover.

But the impish expy of his brother did not show.

. . .

Assuming him too distracted or simply unwilling to go, Mario marked Waluigi absent in the roster lineup. A strange silence of the square grew apparent to him once the task of making invulnerable many warriors was no longer needed. Normally alive and bustling with new fighters exploring the town and the locals offering their wares, Smashville was silent.

A strong gust of wind swooped Cappy right off his head, the spectre fluttering in the breeze. While wrestling his ally from the grips of the wind, Mario wound up glancing at the sunset. Stars were visible, the moon was out, and the sun was gone. Or at least, it should have been. Blinding light glared behind Mario, facing from the ocean as though dawn were nigh. But, surely, it wasn’t dawn already…

Mario caught his ghostlike friend and squinted at the returning sun. Beyond the mansion and final stretches of town, the oceanside cliff opposed that new light, covered in the silhouettes of all the fighters. Every fighter in the World of the Light was facing down this gleam, and despite his exhaustion, Mario would not abandon them now.

. . .


Smash Apprentice
Jan 21, 2019

Life is tough for Waluigi. Not enough strength to join Wario on his pillages, not enough heroism to fight Bowser with the Mario brothers, not frightening enough to rule or even uprise. At least the Koopa Kingdom respects him enough to give him a friendly Piranha Plant for a companion, and the Mushroom Kingdom a role in almost every sport there is. But that was all there was, for many years.

Today, that changes, though. He received a sealed invitation from that world the icons of both kingdoms frequent, a gift from “Master Hand”. Little was said about that world here. Might this be a great prank, an insult to his cowardice and ugly mannerisms?

Waluigi read the card over and over, looking for any sign that it was not indeed a genuine invitation, to go clash with the finest heroes of the multiverse. Hours were spent poring over this small sheet of paper, and the wax seal that accompanied it. Eventually, the purple grouch realized it was legitimate. It was an invitation to join his rivals and friends and fight for glory and fun, an invitation to go and make everyone of his lands proud, to make his bro Wario proud!

Unsure of when he would return, the violet lank packed up everything he had of worth- his great closet of his beautiful outfits, his golden trophies for his years in sports, and of course Audrey, his beloved Piranha Plant, raised from a wee nipper all those years ago! Maybe he’s outgrown his pot, but that is an issue that can be addressed once at the mysterious “World of the Light”.

Waluigi loaded up for the ride and headed off towards Peach’s Castle, where the card said to go. Was the fighting there, he asked his plant buddy.

. . .

After a long day’s journey, our purple stick-legged man had arrived. From the exterior, the castle appeared normal, but deeper probing revealed a more technologically advanced underbelly. Several guards at one point stopped his path before he flashed that peculiar letter, upon which they let him past with almost an enthusiasm. Tunnels led deeper and deeper into the castle’s guts until the pressure felt overwhelming. Waluigi was considering asking for help when he finally found the station.

A bizarre looking train marked with that same seal rested in front of a railway, itself leading into a dark portal. Several Toads were guarding it, and even the Professor E-Gadd himself was monitoring the station’s gages and whatnot. Waluigi felt as though he wasn’t supposed to be here and was preparing to leave when the mad scientist noticed him.

Instead of anger or confusion as to how the anti-Luigi got down here, Gadd simply noted his presence and altered the guards, who themselves recognized Waluigi and grabbed his stuff to be placed on the train. Taking especially great care with the carnivorous Audrey, his belongings were treated with dignity and respect rather than the usual callous disregarding that normally occurred. Waluigi was being held to the same degree as would Mario or Peach- truly this invitation was something special!

Once his belongings had been neatly placed into a separate compartment, Walu himself was given a seat of honor right behind the cockpit. Much to his surprise, Gadd himself entered the train and the front seat, to be a pilot for plain old Waluigi.

After what felt like hours of the scientist modifying various monitors and gages, finally the train chugged forward, forward, into the yawning portal. A dull flash of light as the train slid in, and then…?

Once the glare had faded, the train had already stopped. Before Walu could regain his bearings, the mechanical mystery had already gently delivered both he and his luggage outside in one swift motion, before retreating back into the blue void.

Waluigi looked around at his new surroundings. Streetlights cast a warm glow over cobbled roads and classy houses and colorful stores. Streamers and “Welcome” signs were hung between lamp posts, and litter as well as discarded food were strewn about the area. This should have been a town center, winding down for the moonlight, fighters exploring this curious despite the hour. Stranger than the lack of any life sans maybe a few pigeons was the glow. The sunlight lazed over the city as though to spite the very moon and stars, far too early for dawn.

Clearly something was amiss. Not even the mansion, depicted oh so magnificently in the letter, had any remnant that life ever existed there. Surely, this wasn’t just a cruel prank, Waluigi considered. They are all just somewhere else, I just arrived late because of my loads of luggage slowing me, surely!

Overwhelmed by a crippling fear, he hoisted up his plant Audrey and set him down on a nearby table, himself sitting down on a street’s bumpy curb. Waluigi had to think for a moment, to not become consumed by bitterness and react exactly how they would want him to. He always was the butt of the joke, why would now be any different?

Frustrated and upset at this sudden turn of events, Walu simply remained on the curb, unable to do anything else, for what felt like hours. Surely this couldn’t get any worse at all.

That’s when tendrils of light tore through everything and decimated poor Waluigi. The power of these beams were unrivaled, fighting was suicide. Waluigi didn’t have to lift a finger in fighting back- there was no fighting. Very soon, dawn was the only thing that existed- a dawn of nothing but light itself.


Smash Apprentice
Jan 21, 2019

Shulk was well aware of the approach of that thing, the pseudo-star of genocidal tendencies. He hadn’t been able to think about anything else all that day. Even with the brooches that Uncle Dedede claimed would revive a fallen fighter, he was hesitant to try that as an option- there was nothing in the face of the universe that would withstand this thing. And then there was its accomplice, the moon entity… What that desired remains a mystery to Shulk, but never will anything truly reveal itself until it is finished.

The most powerful fighters, warriors who could slay even gods, were given brooches. In addition, Palutena, her angel servants Pit and Dark Pit, as well as Bayonetta were given lookout posts on the rocky island the attack will occur, given orders to “terminate any suspicious celestial body that approaches”. Even in the face of obliteration, Dedede always has to be sarcastic about it.

Humor… Even though things look terrible, it should be remembered that what the Monado foretells is not set in stone, Shulk considered. All can be changed. Even in what looks to be death, that is not certain.

That being said, obliteration needs counterreaction to be diluted. One cannot destroy their destroyers by being passive about it.

Shulk stood up and stretched. He’d been waiting for that devil star on the rocky shore all day, believing it would emerge at any moment. The sun was beginning to set to the west anyways, the (normal) moon peeking out from the night sky. Smashville and the mansion were the only things lit up anyways, from the celebration of the newcomers.

Shulk had requested that one of his friends from his home world come, whether as a fighter or a spectator, and that wish was permitted. Many people from the various universi had been allowed into the World of the Light, and Shulk’s world was no exception. Dunban, Riki, Melia, Reyn, Sharla, Fiora- all were allowed into this beautiful, peaceful world, as well as several people from Rex’s world- Rex even being allowed in as a fellow fighter. Shulk didn’t really know a ton about the kid, but he seemed like a good one, and his “blade” seems powerful enough to warrant his inclusion as a fighter.

Shulk really didn’t know that many of the new fighters, but the night prior he had really hit it off with King K Rool. Surprisingly enough, that fat crocodile was a mechanical genius, and knew a way to fit a jetpack inside of a small lightweight box. There were rumors that several androids had been invited, hopefully they’d be willing to let Shulk view their workings…

He snapped back to reality and returned his focus to that rocky island out to the east of the cliff, where the strongest waited. While he could only barely make out what was happening there, it appeared as though they were quite relaxed, not being particularly careful on watching for an evil star.

Shulk shook his head. The Monado doesn’t lie, but an evil sun and moon attacking for no real reason? That seems ridiculous, too ridiculous. Could it have been a more chaotic universe, that vision?

Eventually, he managed to completely dismiss the vision as a bad dream and found his way down to the gathering. Despite the gazing moon, many people were still up and celebrating the “Ultimate Smashfest”, and Shuk joined in these festivities. He tested in combat several newcomers, many who were stronger than he had expected; in addition, he had long-overdue reunions with many friends, joyful celebrations of their safety and Shulk’s status as a fighter.

After many long hours of night, the wielder of the Monado was ready for a long-overdue rest. While walking back to the mansion, he felt a cold shiver run down his back- something dangerous was amiss. Before he could so much as look around, he collapsed into a vision.

That same devil star has not only destroyed but possessed Lady Palutena, with its comrade of darkness possessing Bayonetta. Next up on their hit list- everything. The Palutena possessor will unleash with her power intense beams of light that will vaporize everything in existence, their souls to be used as possessors for recreations of the fighters. The Bayonetta possessor will corrupt the land with its dark touch and cause powerful entities to come to life, to even further reinforce dominance over the few surviving fighters. They want genocide, and they will inflict it to all.

Shulk reanimated from the vision and looked off towards the east. A warm glow as though the sun was rising was cast onto the land, the sea- everything in sight of the source.

An evil sun…

Zelda, one of the fighters entrusted with a brooch and the news, teleported near the end of the oceanside cliff, staring into the “sunrise” with horror. After a moment, she summoned an unconscious Pit to her side, to save him from certain death. Shulk caught her gaze, and a simple second’s stare was enough to say the obvious- this thing is about to kill us, get help!

Fox was one of the first people to be alerted of the report- a light-abomination was killing Palutena, and will kill us all, unless we stop it. Ice in his veins, he didn’t hesitate before rushing off to send an alarm to civilians. Shulk entered the mansion to awaken any sleeping fighters to this newfound menace, gathering the likes of Samus, the Pokemon Trainers, Marth, Bowser, and more. Fox’s alarms not only forced most civilians into safe spots but also caught the attention of all left in Smashville.

Even normally reclusive fighters like Mewtwo and Rosalina were quick to the scene. Most were left standing on the cliffside behind Fox and Zelda, for few were willing to approach the scene.

At the staggered stone spire island, the goddess and the witch were not faring so well. Twin orbs of light- one a star-like metal sphere with silver wings, and the other one an eye with blackened vines surrounding it. The two fought fiercely against their alien counterparts, with Palutena slashing with wings of her own and throwing large chunks of the island with psychic power, while her reluctant ally Bayonetta summons demons and fistfights gracefully with her own wings and kicks. The two were unrivaled in power together, and yet the orbs’ stabbing and explosions were dominating the duo. Just when the fighter duo put their forces together to completely collapse the island on the deities, the sinister bodies simply switched places with their humanoid counterparts, sealing both within the island. A combined attack from the sun and moon expies collapses the entire island on the fighters, silencing the fight. When the dust settles, there lies two trophies in the rubble.

Almost as though they were leaking, the two heavenly bodies began to fuse into the trophies, as the vision predicted. Pit began to slowly get up, but nearly collapsed back into a deep coma.

Once the duo had finished the “fusion”, the one possessing Bayonetta slunk into the shadows of the island and disappeared. The one possessing Palutena turned her head towards the cliffside, and began to not fly but levitate towards them. At this time, some began to attack the fusion, with Mewtwo casting Shadow Balls, Zelda her Din’s Fire, Samus and her Dark version firing at it wildly, and many others, blinding out the being with sheer number of projectiles.

None of it had any effect.

It eventually came to a standstill several hundred feet away from and above the cliffside. Ridley and one of the trainer’s Charizard tried to tear her apart from the sky, but it summons the Master Hand to its side, who swats both away into the ocean. “Palutena”’s eyes drifted towards the resisting Master Hand, and after a moment, Hand went slack, with several dozen more appearing at her side.

All paralyzed by fear, the fighters could only gape as the clones were dissolved into pure light and absorbed.

And then the beams were shot out, as had been predicted.

Tearing through the legion of warriors like wet paper, Shulk was only narrowly avoided by the first beam.

Having planned this since his meeting with the wise King, Shulk used his blade to enchant the one being capable of surviving this apocalypse. He closed his eyes, thought a prayer for his friends and newfound family, and cast an Art.

Monado Speed pulsed through the Kirby’s body, letting him escape on his Warp Star. He would be chased by several beams that threatened to dissolve him to his last atom, but through the power of ancient magic paired with the Monado’s power Kirby managed to travel so fast he would entirely cease to exist.

Shulk would not know this, for he was killed by the beams mere seconds after the action, as would everyone else. They snaked their way across World of the Light, plowing through homes, under the earth, and even managing to enter the multiverse station. All who live were consumed by the beams of this monster, with no hope of survival.

After several minutes of pure destruction and terror, there was nothing but silence. The entity that would become known as Galeem had destroyed all life.

With the fighters out of the way, Galeem began its plot for the beauty of the multiverse. After all, nobody was there to oppose it.

Only the very dawn itself was preserved by Galeem, a permanent monument for its glory.
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