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Splash Card Commissions


Smash Rookie
Oct 21, 2017
California, USA
Switch FC

Hi! I'm Nintato. I'm new to SmashBoards but not to the Smash community, and have been doing graphic design as a hobby for years; but now, as a student without a job, I'm opening commissions, and hope I can keep it somewhat steady.

Whether you're creating a mod, part of a Smash team, or just want a cool wallpaper for your computer, I'm glad to help.

Shoot me an e-mail (nintatoyt@gmail.com) or a DM to get in contact, and I'll get to work ASAP. I'm having some problems with PayPal at the moment, so sadly, all purchases must be made in Amazon gift money for the time being until I reach a solution. Thank you!
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