Smash Ultimate - Quality of Life Changes / Features Needed - 8.0 (and 8.1) Thread


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Nov 3, 2015
Smash Ultimate - Quality of Life Changes / Features Needed
This is the 8.0 iteration of this thread (updated for Patch 8.1).
It is great to see changes like patch 8.1, so hopefully we can get some more quality of life changes in the future!
The first 3 items are the most critical, but the other items on here are great too.

Hope to see these in Smash soon!

Mixed Styles Online Stage Pool
Currently, the Preferred Rules menu lets you choose between the following stage options:
  • Hazards On
  • Hazards Off
  • Battlefield
  • Omega Form
  • Small Battlefield
Another option needs to be added:
  • Mixed Styles
Mixed Styles is a fixed pool of 20 anodyne stages:

Smash Ultimate Online Mixed Styles Stage Pool.jpg

All stages have Hazards Off.
Stages marked with an * require minor adjustment to their Hazards Off form before they can be used on this list:
Kalos Pokemon League - Like the current Hazards Off form, but the platforms are moved closer together.​
Spring Stadium - The same as the current Hazards Off form, but the ceilings (arches) are removed.​
Halberd - The single platform layout on the Halberd itself. The stage starts on this layout and does not transition off this layout.​
Great Plateau Tower - The single platform layout (tower destroyed) of the Hazards On form.​
Pokémon Stadium 1 - The same as the Hazards On form, without the Fire or Rock transformations.​
Town and City - The same as the Hazards On form.​
Fountain of Dreams - The same as the Hazards On form.​

Fixed Playlists
The Quickplay Matchmaking system needs to be supplemented with two fixed ruleset playlists:

Fixed Playlist: 1v1
Mode: Stock​
Stock Count: 3​
Time Limit: 7-Minutes​
Stages: Mixed Styles​
FS Meter: Off​
Items: Off​
Fixed Playlist: 2v2 Team Attack On
Mode: Stock​
Stock Count: 3​
Time Limit: 7-Minutes​
Stages: Mixed Styles​
Team Attack: On​
FS Meter: Off​
Items: Off​
If a player chooses to queue in a fixed ruleset playlist instead of queuing with Preferred Rules, then they will be guaranteed to get that ruleset.
This is absolutely critical for this game and solves a boatload of the game's online issues.
This also adds Smash Bros. best format, 2v2 Team Attack On, to quickplay.
Team Battle Quickplay with a Remote Friend
This would allow remote friends to play Online Team Battle Quickplay together.
Currently, the game lets you play with a random teammate online in 2v2 quickplay, but not a friend.

Preferred Music for Online Play
A lot of players go through the effort to setup their preferred music tracks for each stage. Currently, in quickplay, the game chooses a track from one of the player's preferred music settings. This means the player could get a track from their preferred music, or their opponent's preferred music.
The music tracks that the player has set in their own preferred music should always be used.

Configurable Stock Count in Squad Strike Elimination Mode
This would allow Squad Strike Elimination Mode to replicate all the features of a traditional crew battle.
Stock count for the victor would carry over to the next round.

Additional Scoring Options for Smashdown
Smashdown currently only has the option to award points to the winner of the match. An additional scoring system similar to Mario Kart should be available, such that points are awarded to all players, with point quantity being based on match placement.

Full Roster Tag-Team
Squad-Strike Tag-Team currently only supports 3v3 and 5v5 formats. An additional option should be available for a Full Roster tag team battle.

Option to Hide Online Usernames
This would provide a Show / Hide option to show or hide online opponent player names.

Don't Rematch Memory
This would prevent the player from matching up with the opponent most recently matched with if "Don't Rematch" was selected.
Only the most recent player is remembered.

End Online Match On Disconnect
This would end the online match in 1v1 or 2v2 when a party quits or gets disconnected, rather than forcing the player to play out the match against a CPU.

Custom Mixed Styles Stage Pool
This would allow players to create their own custom Mixed Styles stage pool similar to what has been mentioned above for quickplay.
This would let players create a random stage selection pool that includes Normal, Battlefield, and Omega form stages.

Host Stays in Option
This would be an option for Password Protected Battle Arenas, so that the host would always stay in the ring.

Configurable Poke-ball and Assist Trophies Spawn Pools
This would allow the pool of Pokémon that can come out of a Poke-Ball and the pool of assistants that can come out of an Assist Trophy to be configurable.

Hazards Toggle on Stage Select Screen
This would allow players to toggle Hazards On and Off while looking at the stage select screen, instead of having to adjust their rule options or choose a different ruleset.

Toggle-able Special-KO Option
Toggling this option would enable/disable Star-KOs and Screen KOs.

Character and Color Memory
The CPUs character and character color are remembered in-between matches, so the same should apply for players.

Name Tag Character Color Memory
Similar to Smash 3DS, this would save the last used color per character to the name tag.

Individualized Special Smash Rules
This would allow players to setup their own event matches similar to those in Spirit Board or classic modes.
For example, one giant character vs three tiny characters.
Spirits can do this somewhat, but spirits also come with other stat modifiers and their effects may be temporary.

Squad Strike & Smashdown in Battle Arena
This would allow Squad Strike and Smashdown modes to be played in password protected Battle Arenas.

Option to add KoF-Stadium-Like Walls to Walk-Off Stages
This would add an option to add King-of-Fighters-Stadium-like walls to the following stages Normal forms:
010: Mushroom Kingdom
025: Onett
026: Mushroom Kingdom II
032: Figure-8 Circuit
034: Bridge of Eldin
055: Green Hill Zone
057: Golden Plains (Hazards Off only)
059: Gerudo Valley
070: Living Room
075: Mario Galaxy
078: The Great Cave Offensive
080: Coliseum
081: Flat Zone X
086: Wii Fit Studio
087: Boxing Ring
088: Guar Plain
108: Garreg Mach Monastery (Hazards Off only)

For the following stages, a single KoF-Stadium-like wall could be added to the side of the stage with the walk-off:

018: Yoshi’s Island (Melee)
043: Distant Planet
058: Paper Mario (Hazards Off only)
097: Suzaku Castle

Targets, Platforms, and Timer in Stage Builder
This would add the targets and timer from Break the Targets to Stage Builder, which would allow Break the Targets to be in Ultimate via player made and shared Stage Builder stages. The same idea could apply to bring Board the Platforms to Ultimate as well.

King of the Hill
This would be Time Battle, with the addition of a platform from “Board the Platforms” appearing on screen. Players would have to stand on the platform to gain points. Victory could be awarded to the player who reaches a specified point value first, or, the player with the most points at the end of the match.

Launch Rate Handicap Setting
This would allow the Launch Rate to be set per player when Handicap is set to Manual.

Co-Op World of Light
This would allow the World of Light boss battles and standard battles to be two player, similar to Spirit Board.

Ability to Change Character / Stage / Music without Leaving Line in Battle Arena
This would allow the player to change character / stage / music without losing their place in line in Battle Arenas.

World of Light Spirit Board
This would add a new Spirit Board, similar to DLC Spirit Boards, that contains any battles exclusive to World of Light.

Static Launch Trail Color Option
Enabling this option would force the color of the launch trail smoke to match the port color of the player that got hit, instead of the player that dealt the hit.

Allow Custom Balance Settings to Be Bound to Player Tags
This would make the Custom Balance options be configurable and applied per player tag, rather than effecting all players and CPUs.

Indicator for Previously Owned Spirits on Spirit Board
Currently, the Spirit Board shows if the battle has been cleared before, or the Spirit is currently owned, but not if the Spirit was previously owned and is no longer in the player's possession. This makes it more difficult to know if you have already obtained that Spirit or not, since some spirits can be obtained from Shops or upgrades and then consumed or sold. An indicator should be used, similar to the green check mark, to notify the player.

Multiple Players on Same Switch Battle Arena
The ability to allow multiple players on the same switch to join a Friends Only Battle Arena would allow larger parties of friends to play together without each household having to own multiple Switches.

Wrap Up
Hopefully players realize how much better this would make the game, particularly for online play.
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to submit feedback to Nintendo or the dev team.
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Mar 12, 2015
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Wrap Up
I hope players realize how much better this would make the game, particularly for online play.
Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to submit feedback to Nintendo or the dev team.

DLC Characters and Stages are cool, but doesn't do much for replay-ability, considering the size of the roster and stage list already.
How many players boot up the game when a new DLC comes out, play for a two hours, and then don't touch the game again until the next DLC comes out?
These quality of life improvements will provide for far greater replay-ability.
I don't think they even realize how much better the game would be with these changes...! It's like they DON'T want the game to be improved...! I mean, there's already threads about a reboot, for goodness' sake...! Are mods going to have to be made just to address these much needed changes...?! 'Cause that's sure how it's looking...!


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Jul 23, 2014
I just want some basic Arena changes.... they would be SO easy to add. Let us switch characters or arena music without leaving the queue, don't immediately start the next match when one finishes, and letting us put 'tags' on an arena to let people know what/who we're looking for in our opponents.


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Nov 3, 2015
Updated the Mixed Styles Stage Sheet for Patch 8.1, which now includes Small Battlefield.


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Mar 22, 2018
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Only reason why i hate the ideas is because this is the ideal Ultimate game we'll never have.

Good one regardless!
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