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Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 06:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 11:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/New_York)

Upcoming dates
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This event has expired and has no upcoming dates
Jun 9, 2018
538 Main Street - New Rochelle NY 10801

We got something new coming to Tuesday!!!

In collaboration with the community, we have put together an event for everyone!

ENCORE SMASH 101 will be running every Tuesday! The event is designed for all levels of players in a more casual setting.

Our goal is to:

- Help improve your game play
- Another chance to grind with a best of 5 format during top 16
- Give players of all skill levels a chance to play on stream
- Cost effective way to get more practice outside of our Thursday Bracket
- Learn new characters and matchups with our $1 Squad Strike bracket (Capped at 16 players)
- Work out those tournament nerves

Stream Info

The event will be streamed live from

We will be uploading each night's VoD as a whole so you can go back and watch them. The VoDs are always on our YouTube channel ( ) after the live event. We will be adding a dedicated playlist once the events start.

How to be involved

We are looking for people who want to offer some analysis/feedback to players while they are on stream. We would like to find people who understand mid-high level game play and can offer real-time discussion about it. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at any of the listed places below.

We are evolving this event as it goes and we look forward to hearing feedback from the community on how we can better craft this event to meet your wants and needs to help you as a player/competitor!

We recommend you join our discord in order to ease communications and to accelerate the process:

If Facebook is more your place, we also have an Encore Smash group dedicated to our community:

Where we share

And of course you can follow us here as well:



- Squad Strike: 6:00 pm
- Ultimate Singles Bracket:7:00 pm


- Venue Fee: $6
- Casuals Only: $10 (all night)
- Squad Strike Bracket: $1.00 per person (16 player cap)
- Singles Bracket: $4.00 per person
- Spectating is $10

Venue Rules:

You can bring outside food, and there are snacks and drinks to buy in the venue. There will be a table just for eating. No food around the consoles/computers themselves. Drinks are ok, but be careful and don't spill anything near the electronics. We just ask if you can please clean up after yourselves. Don't leave any garbage behind. We don't want the guys at the venue working extra just to clean up after us.

Ultimate Tournament Rules

- 3stock 7min
- Stage Hazards Off
- 2 Bans, no DSR
- Amiibo are banned

Starter Stages

- Battlefield
- Final Destination
- Pokemon Stadium 2
- Smashville
- Kalos Pokemon League

Counter-Pick Stages

- Unova Pokemon League
- Town and City
- Yoshi's Story



* 1-4 Players

* 1st Place - 100%

* 5-13 Players

* 1st Place - 70%
* 2nd Place - 30%

* 14-29 players:

* 1st Place - 57.14286%
* 2nd Place - 28.57143%
* 3rd Place - 14.28571%

* 30-63 players:

* 1st Place - 53.33333%
* 2nd Place - 26.66667%
* 3rd Place - 13.33333%
* 4th Place - 6.666667%

* 64-131 Players

* 1st Place - 50.00%
* 2nd Place - 25.0000%
* 3rd Place - 12.5000%
* 4th Place - 6.25000%
* 5th Place - 3.12500%/3.12500%

* 132+ Players

* 1st - 47.05882%
* 2nd - 23.52941%
* 3rd - 11.76471%
* 4th - 5.88235%
* 5th - 2.94118%/2.94118%
* 7th - 1.47059%/1.47059%
* 9th - 0.73529%/0.73529%/0.73529%

- We encourage players to bring their own controllers although we do have some available for people to use.

Any questions or concerns should be brought directly to the attention of tournament staff.
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