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Alright gang, Ness is coming back 2020.


Smash Rookie
Jul 28, 2020
This adventure started by getting slippi

I then started playing a bunch and getting bodied

I now have a burning desire to become the Ness god, and there's only a small toolbox to work with but the fundamental useful things seem to be:

Disjointed forward air
Double jump cancelling air attacks
Late back airs
The bat hitting below the stage
Up B edge guards
Spamming OKAY
Doing neutral airs backwards for the better hitbox

What am I missing here, what do I need to grind to become king?


Smash Rookie
Mar 18, 2021
From watching your vid, the biggest issue I saw was mostly fundies and not character specific stuff.
I know this will probably come across as condescending and I really don't want to come across that way, but I think you should grind a lot of fundamentals and try to not get combo'ed and stuff then focus on getting around Ness's limits and flaws.
I wish you the best of luck my man, have a good one <3

dan smith

Smash Champion
Mar 28, 2004
Lawrence, KS
if you press down on the control stick rapidly ness will hit his head on the ground in a cute, self-deprecating way.

hope this helps.
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