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Smashboards Smash 64 Ruleset

General Rules

  • Game Settings: 5 Stocks, Best of 3 Games. Best of 5 Games for: Winners Semis, Winners Finals, Losers Quarters, Losers Semis, Losers Finals and Grand Finals
  • Items are disabled.
  • Matches should be timed using some form of stopwatch or timer set to 8 minutes whenever possible.
  • Accidental pausing results in a loss of the current stock and a restart of the match at the resulting stock counts. The opponent can choose to forego the restart
  • Alternate or custom controllers/adapters such as a keyboard, Gamecube controller or a Hori Mini Pad are allowed if they are wired. Players suspected of using turbo functions or other macros are subject to immediate disqualification.

Doubles Rules

  • Team Attack enabled
  • Sharing stocks is allowed
  • Accidentally pausing while taking a stock forfeits that taken stock

  • Stage List

    Neutral Stages
    • Dream Land

    Counter-Pick Stages
    • None

    Match Procedure

    • Players select their characters. Either player may choose to Blind Pick. In this case, each player secretly tells a third player their character before picking with the third player verifying their selections.
    • The players play the first match of the set on Dream Land.

    • The winning player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.
    • The losing player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.
    • The losing player of the preceding match may change their controller port.
    • The next match is played again on Dream Land

    • Repeat Steps 3 through 6 for all subsequent matches until the set is complete.
May 8, 2014
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