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Recent content by Zapp Branniglenn

  1. Zapp Branniglenn

    Data Smash Ultimate Frame Data Patch 12.0 (Complete)

    Sure why not. Come to think of it I'm surprised I never did Luigi's down taunt.
  2. Zapp Branniglenn

    Data Smash Ultimate Frame Data Patch 12.0 (Complete)

    I'm looking at Kazuya's Crouching Spin Kick, and it's -9 on block. And I do a double take. It's -9 on block in Tekken. Did Sakurai just...?
  3. Zapp Branniglenn

    Evo Championship Series Acquired by Sony

    I guess I would have expected a graphics card manufacturer if anyone. Or a subsidiary of a subsidiary of tencent. Sony does seem a touch left field. I don't really know what to make of it at this point As for the games list, I'm sure that's not the final list. But I still wouldn't count on...
  4. Zapp Branniglenn

    Data Smash Ultimate Frame Data Patch 12.0 (Complete)

    Added information about Sephiroth's super armor on smash attacks when he has One Wing. Because I just genuinely didn't know that was there until dash attacking into him for the 10th time and noticing he didn't flinch. Speaking of didn't know, I found that Mii Brawler's Feint Jump does have an...
  5. Zapp Branniglenn

    Smash Underdogs #7: Carl "CJ" Johnson (Grand Theft Auto)

    CJ in Smash? Meh. OG Loc in Smash? Then you would have my attention.
  6. Zapp Branniglenn

    Data Smash Ultimate Frame Data Patch 12.0 (Complete)

    Sephiroth's frame data will never be a memory. Patch 9.0 and 10.0 are combined into one link, since the only change is the inclusion of a new character. There's speculation that the 22nd will bring balance updates to other characters, but we'll see.
  7. Zapp Branniglenn

    Official v9.0.0 Patch Discussion

    Regarding today's update with the sephiroth boss mode, can somebody tell me if this is also THE balance update? I supposed the quickest way to check is to see if old replays are still accessible Edit: According to this page where we usually locate Nintendo's notes, there are no balance changes...
  8. Zapp Branniglenn

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game to release in 2021

    I feel like my Xbox, which has the game downloaded to it, just dropped twenty bucks in market value. But hey this is a fantastic game and I'm happy to see it return from the brink.
  9. Zapp Branniglenn

    Bug Fables 1.1 Patch coming November 5th

    Um yes I think I will boot up my 100%ed file to play some more, thank you. I recommend Bug Fables on account of being a finished product.
  10. Zapp Branniglenn

    Data Smash Ultimate Frame Data Patch 12.0 (Complete)

    Sakurai, bubbie, these new characters are too complicated. Can't you make somebody that follows the established rules of the game? Like Incineroar, such a sweet boy, that Incineroar. By the way last night I found two mistake/typos in my charts, Link's U-Smash final hit does 11.0 damage, and...
  11. Zapp Branniglenn

    The Blurst of Times - A doubles montage by Zapp & YadoR

    https://youtu.be/AgWhpdDCpmA Here's a DK/Diddy video cobbled together from old doubles quickplay footage. I've been doing this for a few months now, and I think this is the first one I'm proud to show off outside my friends. Let me know what you think
  12. Zapp Branniglenn

    Data Smash Ultimate Frame Data Patch 12.0 (Complete)

    That's interesting, they must have reduced the shieldstun multiplier. The late hit deals 2 less as well. They probably realized how abusive the move would get after the update and neglected to list the change.
  13. Zapp Branniglenn

    Official v8.0.0 Patch Discussion Thread

    I counted it out pre and post-patch. The 11.0 and 12.0 damage hitboxes were 8 before the patch, now they're 13. Nintendo's official patch notes suggested that every part of the move had increased shieldstun, which prompted me to check them all. Only the charging hitbox was registering the same...
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