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    Buffing Suggestions for Dedede

    Mainly qol changes and fixes to things like fsmash whiffing in the air and how Gordo functions in its reflect mechanic. My most wanted change overall though would be a back throw angle change, even if it doesn't make it KO even around the percents Peach's would, it'd be nice to have a more...
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    That's right - Meowth for Smash Switch

    When I did watch it I think I spotted some faint silhouettes of it in a few areas (In 2D form and silhouette being the key word), but I can't say for sure.
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    Q&A What Pokémon type is the above avatar?

    Nah it's obviously the upcoming yet to be revealed Ogre type. Normal or Fairy type for default form, Dark/Flying type for Nova form, Dark/Ghost type for Marx Soul
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    Q&A What Pokémon type is the above avatar?

    Normal or ??? type since default avatar
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    GAME: Using a number generator, determine wave two of DLC

    With the mindset of this being under these circumstances and not as a realistic wants: 1260. Nikki: That would actually be pretty funny, and fit in with ROB as a character where Nintendo just kind of puts them in other games rather than acknowledging their series often. And an artist character...
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    That's right - Meowth for Smash Switch

    Seems as if Meowth was considered for Detective Pikachu but scrapped. Source:
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    Add one fighter to each Smash game

    Going with a mix of what I think would be logical and would love. N64: Meowth I think this one should have always and should still be in, huge Pokemon icon who's remained consistently recurring albeit fades in and out in more recent years. Melee: Banjo Kazooie With some of the Rare content such...
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    That's right - Meowth for Smash Switch

    Part why his appearance in Melee is my favourite to date. Meowth could have been perfect for the Morgana spirit battle. It basically screams him for it.
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    Data Rate the Avatar Above You

    7.5/10 Good but feels a bit stiff to me artstyle wise.
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    5 years

    5 years
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    Data Rate the Avatar Above You

    6/10 I think if edited better and gave a more clear view of what it's meant to represent it'd be better (granted I am not good at editing myself). But it has Crash so bias points from me.
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    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    I've noticed people just have general harsh opinions thanks to the explosivness of K. Rool and him being a newcomer from "Overpowered" to "Braindead" to "Trash". King K. Rool doesn't have glaring flaws that make him trash and there's no way he can be op by design, he's simple to pick up and play...
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    Make assumptions about the next person

    I've only heard the intro in which I could recognize Brock's dub va as the narrator which I found funny, but I have yet to watch it so I can't give a proper thought. Next person has watched the fan Pokemon 3D animation series Starter Squad
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    Ken Masters: The Ultimate Echo (Street) Fighter

    Does anyone have the kill percents for Ken's Shoryuken? Particularily on King Dedede, I'm curious if he dies earlier or later vs it than Ryu's.
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    That's right - Meowth for Smash Switch

    It's kind of like Skype except more text based I think? (I never used Skype) you can make channels for a server, usually they have a theme of some sort. It's pretty popular at the moment as you may have already noticed but that just helps it, it's also much faster to interact on there, which...