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Smash 4 Mains::4luigi:,:4mario:,:4drmario:,:4pikachu:,:4kirby:,:rosalina:.
I've been maining Luigi, Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu in all 4 Smash games. I got a long way to go to be a competitive player, but I'm pretty good at Smash 4 so Smash Ladder is the way to go to get better and have fun as well. I want to play at a tournament one day, but my goals are to play all of the MUs, overcome them with my mains so I can do well in them, and overcome my limits and bad habits with my fighters. Ask me first if you want to face me in battle, but only on the Wii u because I don't have the game on the 3DS. Also, I have Mario Kart 8 if you want to race me.
Jul 17, 1993 (Age: 29)
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Dr Mario
Brawl Main
Smash Wii U Main


SSb4 Wii u Mains::4luigi:,:4mario:,:4drmario:,:4pikachu:,:rosalina:,:4kirby:.
Secondary Mains::4falcon:,:4myfriends:
For fun::4palutena:,:4zss:,:4lucas:,:4lucina:,:4robinf:,:4yoshi:,:4fox:,:4jigglypuff:,:4peach:,:4zelda:,:4shulk:.


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