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    Completed Full Resolution FoD Reflection

    $Full Resolution FoD Reflection [UnclePunch] 043e0f3c 00000280 #cobj viewport right 043e0f40 000001e0 #cobj viewport bottom 043e0f44 00000280 #cobj proj width 043e0f48 000001e0 #cobj proj height 041cce4c 38800280 #texbuffer width 041cce50 38a001e0 #texbuffer height
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    Big Head Mode

    I did play turok on n64! I was pretty young though so I never got past like level 2 lol. Fun game though, very memorable. The underwater music was so damn atmospheric.
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    Big Head Mode

    $Big Head Mode [UnclePunch] C206B80C 00000010 7FE3FB78 38800023 3D808007 618C500C 7D8903A6 4E800421 7C630774 2C03FFFF 40820024 807F010C 80630008 88630012 809F05E8 1C630010 7C63202E 8063000C 48000010 809F05E8 1C630010 7C63202E 4800001D 7C8802A6 C0840000 D083002C D0830030 D0830034 4800000C...
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    In Progress Bug fixes

    $Break the Targets Intangibility Glitch Fix [UnclePunch] *Fixes glitch that causes player to not receive intangibility after quitting Adventure Mode while the stage was transformed C21B65AC 00000005 9003000C 3C608046 6063B488 388001C0 3D808000 618CC160 7D8903A6 4E800421 60000000 00000000...
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    Grab Items With Airdodge $Grab Items With Airdodge [UnclePunch] C2099AC0 0000000A 83E3002C 801F1974 2C000000 40820038 7FA3EB78 38800001 3D808009 618C42A0 7D8903A6 4E800421 7C641B79 41820018 7FA3EB78 3D80800D 618C6F58 7D8903A6 4E800421 7FA3EB78 60000000 00000000
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    Split Audio Channels

    This code splits the game music onto the left channel, and the game sounds onto right channel. $Split Audio Channels 2.0 (v1.02) [UnclePunch] *Game must be set to Mono to take effect, stereo is preserved C238A984 00000009 800DC0B4 2C000000 40820034 887A000B...
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    Completed MultiMod Launcher v1.0 Standalone Codes

    Here are all of the codes used in MultiMod Launcher if you'd like to use them in your own iso/gct. MCM Library File Download Grab MCM here: --------------------------------------------------------...
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    Completed HSD_Hide Module - non-destructive model hiding

    was wondering what that grain effect was! awesome job making PObj's toggleable.
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    BGM Extension

    This code allows you to add additional hps files to Melee's song table. The additional songs will start at ID 98 (0x62). You must assemble this code to use it. I recommend using CodeWrite to assemble into a gecko code, or MCM to assemble into an ISO mod. To modify the extended song list...
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    X + Y Disables Start

    Such a great idea for a code, here's a shorter version: $X/Y Disables Start C23775BC 00000005 540304E7 41820018 5403052A 2C030C00 4082000C 38600000 506064E6 901A0000 60000000 00000000
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    Request Disable Escaping from Kirby Throws and Kirbycide

    yeah its unrelated to this code, cant help you anymore than that because i dont have your build
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    Request Disable Escaping from Kirby Throws and Kirbycide

    no, you should send a picture of the crash log so i can see what the problem is exactly disable "immediately present XFB" if enabled, wont show on dolphin if its on
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    Request Disable Escaping from Kirby Throws and Kirbycide

    just tested and it works, i dont think its related to my code
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    GaW Modulo 10 Hammer

    it will use the rightmost digit of GaW's percent. e.g. 12% = 2 hammer. what master codes?
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