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Hello. I don't speak very much here. I'm a Captain Falcon main and I spend countless hours in the lab, so I take my matches seriously. My goal isn't to just become good at the game. I aim to become one of the top, well-known players in the Smash 4 community, a big name essentially.

Attend my first Tournament. (IRL)
Win my first Tournament. (Online)
Win my first Tournament. (IRL)
Become a big name in my local area.
Become a big name in my state.
Become a big name in my region.
Make the PR of my state.
Become a big name countrywide.

Some of these goals will be difficult and the journey may be long, but I WILL reach them.

If you also share the same goals then I wish you the best of luck.

Current/recent accomplishments:
Made Top Cut of a Hypest Tournament.

-Start a crew (If you also want to start one please contact me and maybe when can get one started)
-Get equipment to start Streaming and making quality YT videos.

Social Media:

Twitter: Tythaeus
Skype: Tythaeus
Discord: Tythaeus
YT: Tythaeus
Twitch: Tythaeus

Characters I dislike:
-Little Mac

My Favorite taunts/sayings:
-Git gud scrub
-We tech those
-We take those
Jul 8, 1998 (Age: 22)
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Smash 3DS Main


YouTube l Twitter
Skype/Discord : Tythaeus



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