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    Favorite candy(ies)

    Don't eat candy as much as I used to as a kid. I remember eating a lot of Smarties, M&Ms, and Pocky. Ah yes..strawberry dipped Pocky. Nowadays, I'm down with anything green apple and strawberry flavored and/or has a sweet and sour taste.
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    Your Least Favorite Foods

    You know the juice that comes out of roasted chicken? What if you ate it as jelly? That was what I tried that day. Want something more general? Oh. Used to like bubble tea. Then I got too reckless. Never saw it the same way again.
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    What games have you 100% completed?

    The only games I can think of that I have 100 percent completed are some Mario games, some Sonic games, and Mega Man X. I have been close to completing some Metroid-vania games (just missing some tiny spots on the map :() and I've been meaning to 100 percent all the Smash Brothers games ever...
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    Official Amiibo General Thread - Complete Smash Bros. Set Now Avaliable!

    Got Lucario and Greninja the other day. I thought I'd never get this far. Pre-ordered Ryu too.
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    If you could chose a 2nd Final Fantasy Character for Smash who would it be?

    I would like to see Black Mage from Final Fantasy 1. Though that's probably because I love using him in Flash 2 and Final Fantasy 1 and 7 are the only games I played in the series. Still, I think he'd be pretty cool.
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    "Smash 3" - A Brawl Documentary

    Looks interesting! I would love to hear about the history of my first Smash Brothers game!
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    Meta "The Final Content" [1.1.4] Patch Discussion

    Did somebody already confirmed that Marth/Lucina's Dancing Blade feels faster when linking hits? I don't see it on the Patch Notes. I'm gonna test again to make sure. Yeah, so far...not many changes. Kinda disappointed but hey, we got big buffs to my mains so I'm somewhat satisfied :D
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    What are your bad habits?

    Throwing out moves with Lucina specifically fair, dair, and fsmash and then getting punished. Trying to disrespect and ends up SDing. Attempting to read a roll or get up and ends up looking dumb.
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    Anime Fan

    I always get nervous when talking about anime. I mean, I love anime and all. I recently began watching a lot and I have this long list of anime shows I plan to watch. I just don't wanna sound like or get called a weeaboo or something like that for liking a certain anime y'know? Sometimes, I feel...
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    New Years Gaming Resolutions 2016 Edition

    I'm gonna try to play the other Smash Bros. games, specifically Project M, more often instead of just playing Smash 4 all the darn time. Seriously, 2015 was pretty much just Smash 4 and Splatoon. I'm still gonna play those two religiously of course, but there are other games in the franchise...
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    Data Rate the Avatar Above You

    10/10 Eli <3
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    Data Rate the Avatar Above You

    --[9/10]-- Looks pretty cute <3
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    Mario Universe Has the Mario series...given up?

    While I admit they should probably look for more innovation in the future, hey, as long as the games are fun, I won't give up on this series any time soon. Some of Mario's newest games are some of the most fun I had in any Mario game period. Super Mario 3D World had so many crazy and fun levels...
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    Mario Universe Best mario rpg??

    Never played any of the Paper Mario games except for Super Paper Mario which I really love. I hear Thousand-Year Door is really good though. But I have played the Mario and Luigi games, and my favorite is probably Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Played a bit of Legend of the Seven Stars...
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    Your favorite Eeveelution

    Umbreon. It's color is black. And black is a cool color. It also has amazing defense stats so it was basically the "Wall" of my team.
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