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Smash Bros. Ultimate - Fighter Pass Wishes / Speculations
Prediction | Confirmed! | Deconfirmed? | Dream | Cameo
- Porky ___- Byleth __- Erdrick _- Hayabusa - Scorpion
- Doomguy _- Heihachi - Crash ___- Banjo ___- Dante __
- Sora ____- Lloyd ___- Steve? __- Artorias - 2B _____

I know we only get 5 in the Pass, but I wanna list more than that to increase my odds of being right. :P
Ordered from oldest to most recent, with first and third-party franchises split up.
May be subject to change whenever I feel like it.

Base Game Edition - Results


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    Tempus Fugit

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    Joke's on you!

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    Text Architect

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    Never at a loss for words

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    Someone set us up the bomb!

    Helped count over 300 Bob-ombs before a Mod or higher posted. We know you cheated, just haven't worked out how...
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    Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

    You have accumulated 1000 posts, but can you moonwalk?
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    I LOVE IT!

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    Can't Get Enough of Your Stuff

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    Seriously Likeable!

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