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Recent content by the homosaurus rex

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    Yo sup, I'm sorry I haven't replied to your message from LAST YEAR hahaha, I'm back in the NCSU...

    Yo sup, I'm sorry I haven't replied to your message from LAST YEAR hahaha, I'm back in the NCSU area (Gorman Street is where I live) so holler at me for Smash. Facebook me (ask for my name if you want it).
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    NC-Billbro's Bro(smash)fest before HERB

    I'm attending HERB1 next week. If you don't mind, I'd like to come (I'll be riding with a friend). I can bring my Cube and 4 controllers. :)
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    HERB1; Greensboro, NC -*PRICING UPDATED**NEW VENUE* MELEE+Brawl; 3/21-22

    God I'm reading this thread, there are so many people I need to play...
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    HERB1; Greensboro, NC -*PRICING UPDATED**NEW VENUE* MELEE+Brawl; 3/21-22

    I will be there for the Melee tournament. If I can get my doubles partner to come, that'll include one more. I've got 3 friends who think they will come for Brawl. I am pretty sure none of you know who I am, but I see this as my chance to break out of Jacksonville, NC (where I haven't met...
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    The Official SBR Brawl Tier List v1.0

    Why is Meta Knight possibly being banned? I heard on another board there was controversy, and I've yet to play anyone who has show me that he's worth being "too good" to play.
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    THIS is why Marth is a top tier character.

    this thread is made of so much awesomeness I can't quite get all my happiness out in this post so here is a lot of smilies :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
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    Goodbye testosterone

    I've been calling him Grandpa since Melee
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    Brawl - More balanced than Melee? Lie or truth?

    My only response to this thread will be this: When Diamond and Pearl came out, everyone kept talking about how borked it was. I was part of that group. But what you have to take into account is that Diamond and Pearl are a whole new game when compared to the Advance generation Pokemon games...
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    Link's Final Smash Should've Been ...

    Wrong. Majora's Mask Link was the same Link from Ocarina of Time.
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    Link's Final Smash Should've Been ...

    I couldn't agree more. The first Link in the chronology of Zelda was the Link from Ocarina of Time. When Zelda sent him back to his childhood at the end of OoT, there became a split in the Zelda universe. The first being the timeline where Link stays an adult and Ganondorf has been defeated. The...
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    snake's manlier than falcon

    Grandpa aka Ganondorf is the manliest of them all. Sorry, he's not hung like a horse. Horses are hung like Ganondorf.
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    ~Tome of The Dragmire~ v1.5

    I very much enjoy this thread ^______________________________________^ I'll be referring to this as soon as I get my hands on Brawl.
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    Dedede Cannot Throw Items With "items Off".

    If you all have a problem with me expressing my opinion, then make a **** rule that states "do not state your opinion if it doesn't agree with the majority of the board." Until I see that rule, I will state my opinion as I wish. And what "higher cause" are you talking about? Oh, someone...
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    Dedede Cannot Throw Items With "items Off".

    Just because the majority likes something doesn't mean it is right. The responses to this thread make me question the maturity level of those who posted "positive" responses. I'm sorry but I found no humor in this thread, and therefore I felt the need to express this. Anyone who wants to argue...
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    Dedede Cannot Throw Items With "items Off".

    My username would be an inside joke. No, I'm not gay, but I shouldn't really need to defend my sexuality. As far as this thread is concerned, it's just a waste of time, imo. I think people would care more about game details and not a list of middle school humor.
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