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Recent content by The Carpenter

  1. The Carpenter

    Getting out of sheik's chaingrab

    This might be something that could be tested further with 20xx hack pack? We couldn't set up a sheik to chaingrab of course but we could set her to grab repeatedly and always down throw
  2. The Carpenter

    Introducing Emblemboards

    This is one of the toppest keks I have ever seen. Excellent meme 10/10 Apparently I'm Roy now so I guess I better go out and beat some Fox mains
  3. The Carpenter

    Optimizing Link

    Doin' some tech practice and I did something by total accident, nothing surprising that you can do it but it occurred to me it may have some situational use. So what happened was I accidentally threw a bomb at my feet and then also unintentionally CCed it which apparently doing this causes you...
  4. The Carpenter

    Let's list all the Link tech

    It's very situational but never forget we have auto cancel Dair into UpB. I catch people with this when I see an opportunity because no one but us knows it exists but sadly the chances of ever fooling someone with it more than once in a set is unlikely. Pulled this to take a stock in a friendly...
  5. The Carpenter

    Chain grab percentages

    Since reading BluEG's "Everywhere at once" guide (I highly recommend reading it if you haven't already) there are several things I've been implementing in my play much more. One of these things in chain grabbing. I was thinking it would be amazing if we put together a guide that shows what...
  6. The Carpenter

    Puff secondary for Sheik??

    Just to close this up, I decided definitely no Puff. ICs I'll maybe try at some point but no Puff. Thanks again for all input.
  7. The Carpenter

    Optimizing Link

    After reading this strategy for Falcon, I liked the sound of it. Tonight I put it to the test. I have a friend I met recently who mains Falcon. He's better than me skill wise, he would usually 2 stock and sometimes 3 stock my Link and he plays and moves very fast which I have a hard time dealing...
  8. The Carpenter

    Optimizing Link

    I like this option, seems pretty safe because if she jumps, we would have time to get out of the way if all we do is a jab. I often try to grab Marth when he runs at me and it's been a problem because often he happens to jump right as my grab comes out then I get Faired. Since we're on the...
  9. The Carpenter

    Advice for my brother? (Video)

    Well, he's playing the pink skin so he already has step one covered (Lupinky forever, top tier Lug lol) I think the first thing to work on for a new Luigi is to become comfortable with his movement. Basically at least 90% of Luigi's ground movement is wave dashing so the first thing is to be...
  10. The Carpenter

    Optimizing Link

    I agree about the close range footsies, I always feel like I get circles run around me in that situation. I find myself trying to get room to breath very often when I'm not on the giving end of a punish game
  11. The Carpenter

    Guide Everywhere At Once

    Wow. No joke this guide just changed the way I will view and behave with this character forever. I tried a bunch of the stuff mentioned in it as I was still reading and had instant movement improvements, night and day within minutes, you did an unreal job of making everything understandable...
  12. The Carpenter

    Optimizing Link

    That second game is exactly how I feel we win against Peach. It's a good strat in general but much easier to use against floaties. As a Link with movement that is mediocre at best, I heavily agree that good movement is super important for Link because it makes that kind of strategy easier to use...
  13. The Carpenter

    Puff secondary for Sheik??

    After thinking about it more, I was thinking too that ICs would translate better. Still don't know if I'll go for it. I know Luigi can do it but I feel like it's just too inconsistent in tournament, I don't wanna lose just because I got matchup-ed. Even if I do pick up a secondary though, Long...
  14. The Carpenter

    Optimizing Link

    Idk if anyone remembers me cuz I haven't been on the boards for like 9 months oops but I just checked out and tried some of the stuff talked about in this thread. Some pretty niffy stuff, I like it. The auto tether snap is amazing, I'll need to practice to get that down. With the no impact land...
  15. The Carpenter

    Puff as a secondary

    Hello to my fellow floaties, Luigi main here looking for some opinions and advice. You may or may not be aware that the Luigi/Sheik MU is cancer for Luigi, I'm sick of banging my head against the wall with it and am now considering taking refuge in Puff as an answer to Sheik since I know it's...
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