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A veteran noob on the video game scene, Super Smash Brothers Melee was not only TaRtOoN-Hand94's first game in the Smash Bros franchise, but also his first home console game ever owned back in 2002.
As an artist first and a gamer second, his appreciation for the franchise is not only for the stellar game play, but everything else included from the character selection, stage design, music, trophies and other features to explore.
Having completed the Subspace Emmisary 100% on Intense, cleared the Challenge Wall, collected all 544 trophies and 694 stickers in Brawl before the tragic demise of his Wii, as well as completed all 105 Challenges and collected all 707 trophies on the 3DS, TaRtOoN-Hand94 makes up for his lack of competitive skill with his completionist dedication to the single player modes.
He now lurks in For Fun Mode on the 3DS, scared to dare step foot in For Glory.

64: :link64::yoshi64::kirby64::luigi64:
Melee: :icsmelee::peachmelee::bowsermelee::gawmelee:
Brawl: :pit::warioc::diddy::ivysaur::rob::toonlink:
3DS & Wii U::4villager::4wiifitm::4shulk::4duckhunt::4pacman:
March 6
the audience at the Midair Stadium
Smash Sap
Smash 64 Main
Melee Main
Mr. Game & Watch
Brawl Main
Project M Main
Smash 3DS Main
Toon Link
Smash Wii U Main
Duck Hunt





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