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Recent content by TaFoKiNtS

  1. TaFoKiNtS

    the return of smashboards

    Sup everyone
  2. TaFoKiNtS

    Ruleset Changes V1.1

    I'm fine with coaching between grand finals sets. It's hard to regulate people who want to take a breather or go to the bathroom to see whether they are getting advice on their phone or talking to random people. I'm a proponent of allowing people coach between sets.
  3. TaFoKiNtS

    Leffen's "Pocket Mewtwo"

    Can you tell me where I do this? I usually talk to low tier mains on a regular basis and try to make sure that I understand low-tier dynamics.
  4. TaFoKiNtS

    Omni: How To Get In Your Zone

    Damn, Omni, going in.
  5. TaFoKiNtS

    Who has the most wins over the top 6?

    I have been following the scene since ~ 04/05 =/
  6. TaFoKiNtS


  7. TaFoKiNtS

    Predictions Thread!

    Hey Everyone, Much appreciated to Sedda and crew for drafting the article. I wanted to give the 64 scene more exposure since I felt that a tournament like this should get some coverage. It would be criminal for a national like this to get zero, so once again, I hope the tourney goes well for...
  8. TaFoKiNtS

    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    That's a very fair point. The difference is also going to come down to how many play each character. Pikachad was also a very prominent Pikachu that long retired, so the questions that I have (which is probably going to be unanswerable, sadly) is the # of people that attempt each character...
  9. TaFoKiNtS

    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    I'll think about it more and more, but I do like Pikachu based on potential in the meta. + Decent Fox/Falco matchup + Solid counterpicks + Great hitboxes + Fantastic recovery I'll probably shift things around and I probably put puff way too low, but I'm still puzzled why puff is as high as 4/5...
  10. TaFoKiNtS

    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    I forgot what I put already on the actual ballot, but here goes nothing 1. Fox 2. Marth 3. Sheik 4. Falco 5. Peach 6. Ice Climbers 7. Captain Falcon 8. Pikachu 9. Jigglypuff 10. Samus 11. Yoshi 12. Dr. Mario 13. Luigi 14. Mario 15. Ganon 16. Young Link 17. Link 18. Donkey Kong 19. Game and...
  11. TaFoKiNtS

    M2K win records

    I have it all here: http://www.smash4tips.com/apps/top5_main_data.cfm
  12. TaFoKiNtS

    Sheiks need to step up their movement

    I gave up some stage position in that situation to see if shroomed would bite on throwing a hitbox (something that he does very often in close quarters). He didn't, and I lost. =/
  13. TaFoKiNtS

    Tafokints On Why Smashers Are Skeptical

    All good in regards to the poster making fun of my "looks". I did the change the thumbnail to a slightly better one. I had to leave my computer as the video was uploading and Youtube decided to default to a less-than-flattering picture of me. I may have to make a part 2 to clarify my view on...
  14. TaFoKiNtS

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    PPMD - I do agree that m2k has been flubbing execution much more frequently but could it also be possible that he doesn't have an optimal decision tree for punishing on FoD/dreamland as marth? It seems like even beyond tbh4 that he chooses deliberate options that are sub par.
  15. TaFoKiNtS

    Important Carefully Ask PPMD about the Tiara Guy

    Not quite sure to be honest, but M2K seems largely interested in forcing fox/falco on a platform at mid %. This works on Battlefield/yoshi's/ps because you can get that strong hit to pop them up or get another tech chase situation. However, he seems to get lots of weak hits that are CC-able on...
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