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Recent content by Sycorax

  1. Sycorax

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    With the advent of rollback netcode for SDR, we have an unprecedented opportunity to play and compete at this great mod we all love. I'm hosting an SD Remix online tournament on the 12th of September. https://smash.gg/tournament/rollback-remix Get in here and compete with your favorite...
  2. Sycorax

    Teams is the only form of Melee worth your time.

    Teams is the only form of Melee worth your time.
  3. Sycorax

    Peach Approaches

    Try attacking diagonally with FC aerials too. But hey approaches are limited. You basically named everything. OoS you can sh nair (which is faster than FC nair), z drop a turnip, up-b, roll, full hop, Watching videos is a good way to pick up new options you haven't considered.
  4. Sycorax

    Practicing Wavedashing Applications

    Wavedashing has 4 properties that make it useful: You can move backward while facing forward. You can move anytime you are able to jump. The most notable example is out of shield, where you "normally" can't move, but another example is during a run. You can quickly alter your momentum from...
  5. Sycorax

    Data Kadano's perfect Marth class -- advanced frame data application

    You can only pass through a platform while in Fall or SpecialFall (and maybe some other obscure animations). In other words, not during aerial animations. You have to start the aerial after you pass through the platform.
  6. Sycorax

    Marths dair freezes 20xx

    Try remaking the iso. It's probably just some random bug.
  7. Sycorax

    Data Kadano's perfect Marth class -- advanced frame data application

    Attacks that do less than 12% (I.e. 6% after grabbed damage reduction) don't break the victim out of the grab.
  8. Sycorax

    Falco Tech

    It's known. It has random niche case uses.
  9. Sycorax

    How can I practice SDI?

    20XX 3.02 (and maybe the recent versions), have a CPU command that will make Fox spam drill grab uthrow uair. Alternatively, you can record actions in the newest 20XX HP and replay them. Program a player to do SH drill or uthrow uair, replay it, and practice SDI.
  10. Sycorax

    Spot Dodge After DSDI Tech

    Normals are not bufferable. Next to nothing is bufferable in Melee and everything that is bufferable is not an A or B button press. Most directional inputs with the control stick buffer in many situations; techs buffer (they are one of the only few true buffers, most everything else could more...
  11. Sycorax

    Play Guilty Gear.

    Play Guilty Gear.
  12. Sycorax

    Spot Dodge After DSDI Tech

    You can use spot dodge after a DSDI tech to prevent yourself from falling off the stage. It keeps you on stage longer giving more time for friction to slow you down. Here is what it looks like. Notice that Falco's velocity at the end of the tech roll was 2.82 and after the spot dodge was 1.06...
  13. Sycorax

    How does shield dropping work?

    There are a bunch of resources listed in the Melee Library that explain it. Basically, when you are shielding, there are 3 Y values that roughly line up with the diagonal notches that cause you to drop.
  14. Sycorax

    Cancelling dash momentum facing forward when falling

    It can happen with any character.
  15. Sycorax

    Cancelling dash momentum facing forward when falling

    Not exactly? I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but one has to be very careful with the way they word these things. Shifts to your base position do occur during and between action states, but all such shifts are equivalent to movement. I emphasize this because, for example, people misunderstand...
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