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Spaghetti Sammy

About Me:
Just a retired TF2 Silver Engy main.

Why the hell does everyone think the joking mad I get is genuine anger. If I was actually upset I wouldn't say "****" as often.

Some quotes:
"Dude, if you had Alzheimer's... and you forgot you had Alzheimer's... would you no longer have Alzheimer's?" -Ryan "Circles" Moon, on stupid ideas.
"I have more EVO wins then I have bananas."-Mang0, strict security guards.
"I've got a bone to pick with you!"-Skellybones, 2014, on a grudge with JonTron

Doc is S tier in Melee
He's not that bad c'mon guys
September 22
Notournaments, Wisconsin
I make pizzas at Marty's
Melee Main
Dr Mario
Project M Main


Im not very good at Melee, but Im pretty good at and like animating.
I play Doc and Supah Mario.

imma gunna ween :4wario2:




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