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    Official Zelda Patch Discussion - Patch 4.0 Incoming 7/30 (Version History Available in OP)

    I don't know if range would help her as much as speed. I was playing a Greninja yesterday and her grab was so slow that the Greninja could whiff nair right beside me and still have time to spotdodge Zelda's grab. It felt very frustrating. I could dash attack instead, but then that's staling a...
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    Oz's Case Study of Self-Improvement

    For Naryu's vs dtilt with 2-framing, dtilt is much safer. Missing Naryu's puts you in a bad spot if you miss, but it covers recoveries that dtilt might not because it has invincibility. Dtilt can also combo into Fair sometimes at the ledge, which kills mad early. Overall, I would say Dtilt's...
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    Data The Great Fairy Fountain III: Zelda Moveset Data Thread [7.0 Patch Diffs in Green!]

    Incredible work! Have you considered sending this data to Kurogane Hammer? He could use the help. I'm looking forward to the block data. Take your time!
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    How to Phantom?

    Yeah just start using it and see what happens. If you're opponent is inexperienced, it might get you some free damage. But if they are experienced, you'll have to act a step or two ahead of them. That doesn't mean it's not good. Just see how your opponent reacts to it and go from there. For...
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    Ness v. Zelda tips?

    Watch FOW vs Ven on the SmashStudios YouTube channel. There are tons of vods of Ven (Zelda) getting bodied by FOW's ness. You should be able to pick up a few tips from there.
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    Zelda Combo Thread

    No one's talked about up throw yet, but that's been my main combo throw. Upthrow -> SH upair specifically seems pretty reliable at many percents, and it sets up for a nice juggling scenario, or for punishing landings. It might be good to throw into your repertoire so you can keep dthrow fresh...
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    Social Zelda Social for Buffed Queens Only - no Nerfutenas here tyvm

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself to the Zelda boards since it's becoming more and more likely that I'll be committing to her as a main in this game (she's just so darn cute). As a Villager player, the fully charged phantom reminds me a lot of villager's lloid, so I'm loving that...
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    Data Town Hall Meeting - Villager Matchup Discussion

    Mashing? That should get you out of the grab if you're fast enough. Or proper DI possibly.
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    VGD: Dr. Shrunk Says be Happy!!

    I would say how often a character is represented is probably the best proof of a character's viability because if those characters are more popular, it's usually because those characters are very good, and most competitors that want to win will go with the the characters that have proven...
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    VGD: Dr. Shrunk Says be Happy!!

    Too bad more people don't play Pacman. :(
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    Smash Wii U Japanese Results Compendium

    Is this technology that was developed at G3? Or right after? Maybe technology the Japanese borrowed from the rest of the world after playing them? Do you just anticipate the Japanese to come up with something new for some reason? Specific examples?
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    Villager Matchup Discussion 3 - Rosalina and Luma

    Ah yes the RAR bair grab confirm was discovered by @Tommy - S.N. so thank him for that. I plan on trying it out as well.
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    Smash Wii U Japanese Results Compendium

    What do you mean "post-G3 technology?"
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    Thoughts on Ranai? (Japans best player / Villager)

    Zee and MJG are aggressive as well, although MJG seems more balanced. I myself play a pretty balanced style.
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    With Genesis 3 almost over, Is there any support for a Ranai video repository?

    I don't see why not. We have to learn everything we can from the best.
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