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    SSB 2015 Community Tier List

    Pretty sweet tier list, I'm very content with the results :) However there's no need for X>Y, Z>X, It is impossible to make a tier list that every single smash member will agree upon. At the end of the day any character can beat any character, some match up are inherently harder, you just gotta...
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    [Serious] Tier list (order of characters only, Dreamland-based)

    You know it darling, I have a couple of roommates that would contribute to the tier list. I will get Mohinder and Sax to contribute their's as well Jiggly: 1. Fox 2. Kirby 3. Pikachu 4. Falcon 5. Jiggly 6. Yoshi 7. Mario 8. DK 9. Samus 10. Ness 11. Luigi 12. Link Autobahn: 1. Pikachu 2...
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    [Serious] Tier list (order of characters only, Dreamland-based)

    JC Penney has great sales: 1. Pikachu 2. Kirby 3. Falcon 4. Fox 5. Yoshi 6. Jigglypuff 7. Mario 8. Ness 9. DK 10. Luigi 11. Samus 12. Link
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    [Nov 1, 2014] (Melee/ProjectM/64) C.O.A. Comboed On Arrival 6! (Somerville, NJ)

    I would probably go too if that scrub vwls ends up driving, not 100% still gotta check to see if I have any midterms or any **** like that. I could probably bring Mohinder too if I end up going
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    I Got 64 Problems But A Flaoc Aint 1: No Controller Johns!

    Twas a great tournament friends, It was a pleasure meeting and playing with you guys and hope that we can smash again soon :)
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