It's only when you begin to realize how small you are, that you really start to matter. I've been around a long time, and seen a lot of things. With every new generation, comes new fears. Parents always cry about their children's attitudes, and in their ignorance, think that they were better.

Each generation calls out mistakes of the previous, as if they're so much more progressive and enlightened. I sit back and smile.

But hatred and intolerance-- I can't sit back and watch that. That's why I've dedicated my lives to stopping those who wish harm on others. And no matter how many times you kill me, something brings me back.

After being shot, drowned, stabbed, hanged, fed to bears, you'd think people would realize that it's smarter not to deal in nefarious acts while I'm in town.

But here you are, holding a gun to a very beautiful, very frightened human being, hoping that it'll magically make your problems go away.

But I guess you haven't been listening-- Magic seems to be on my side.
Oct 12, 1986 (Age: 32)


I make dumb (only sometimes gaming related) youtube movies with my brother:



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