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    The Fairy with Fighting Spirit: Lip for Smash! *Play Panel de Pon on NSO!*

    Congratulations guys! I'm looking forward to playing Panel de Pin on the Switch!
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    The Definitive Lloyd Irving Thread - LLOYD SURVIVES THE SLAUGHTER!

    I have a gut feeling that the 5th DLC character is going to be Lloyd. I could be wrong, but that's just what I feel in my gut. :131:
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    The Queen of Rock! The Great Barbara the Bat Support Thread!

    I think it's a tricky situation because Nintendo themselves are the ones who have picked the DLC fighters. If that's still true for the next Challenger Pack, that's gonna lessen the chance of any "obscure" character. Someone would have to be developing a new game in her series to be pushing...
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    Who do you want in smash?

    Out of this selection, I voted for Tails and Porky. Two out-of-the-box choices that could make for interesting move-sets. Tails because he is the logical 2nd Sonic rep (especially since Knuckles is an AT), and Porky because he's really one of the only viable Earthbound characters left. This is...
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    Adol Christin's Journey Towards Smash (Cold Steel 3 on Switch!?)

    @Jedisupersonic Sorry for the delayed response. I think Adol would be cool because of how great it'd be for the Ys series. The franchise has been marching on for years while maintaining a steady fanbase. And, of course, there's a lot of people who don't want another sword user in the roster...
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    Adol Christin's Journey Towards Smash (Cold Steel 3 on Switch!?)

    Never played Ys but I definitely support Adol.
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    Terry Bogard's "I was wrong" thread.

    I didn't think it was gonna be him. I thought he was "too obvious". I was thinking it'd be Haohmaru or Nakoruru. But Terry is surely an icon who deserves inclusion. Very good for SNK and for the fans of their games.
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    Nature's Calling - Nakoruru for Smash! (Maybe next season?)

    Please add me to the list of supporters. Nakoruru would be ideal to kill three birds with one stone: KoF rep, SamSho rep, female DLC character. (Personally I find it imperative that the character is from SamSho so that they can advertise the Switch release.)
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    SNK Character Rep For Smash

    I just a thread for Haohmaru... not sure if someone's already made one. But the prospect of an SNK rep, to me, is fascinating no matter who it turns out to be. :131:
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    He's On The Box Art For A Reason: Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown) for Smash

    So I'm not sure if this thread is redundant due to the amount of SNK characters that are receiving threads at the current moment. But I saw that the Samurai Shodown character who seems to be billed as the franchise's main character hasn't received a thread of his own yet. Why am I, someone who...
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    "Justice Always Triumphs." - Ryu Hayabusa for Smash Switch! (Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive)

    Well, I suppose Ninja Gaiden is one of the games available to play on that NES streaming application that's on the Switch. I think Hayabusa would be an excellent choice; I'd be appreciative as one of the ones that played Dead Or Alive Dimensions on the 3DS. And just like with Solid Snake, they...
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    Co-Founder of Brave Vesperia, Yuri Lowell for Smash Ultimate!

    I support Yuri. The Switch release of Tales of Vespiria is very interestingly positioned for an occurrence such as this. Sakurai's the one that says Lloyd is the most obvious pick, but Nintendo themselves, with their knowledge and connections, made the decisions themselves. So I think the chance...
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    The Final Five DLC Characters

    It's really interesting that, according to Sakurai via Twitter, Nintendo was the one that chose these five characters. That changes possibilites big time.
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    The Final Five DLC Characters

    What I would want: 1) Geno 2) Elma 3) Helix 4) Lloyd Irving 5) Banjo & Kazooie What I would expect: 1) Geno 2) Elma 3) out-of-left-field third party 4) out-of-left-field third party 5) Banjo & Kazooie
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    Social Burn With Passion!! -- Incineroar General Discussion (Formerly the Support Thread)

    I think it's good that Incineroar was the Pokemon representative chosen for the game because many of the other standout choices were already playable in Pokken Tournament. I'm happy that someone who wasn't included in that game was creatively applied to Smash. It keeps things a little bit more...
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