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Recent content by shuall

  1. shuall

    Melee dat format...

    This sounds like vtables, which, if melee was written in cpp and these "_Obj"s you're describing are cpp objects, would make sense. I forget why, but at some point I assumed it was. Maybe it was the function signature names are mangled, which you don't need to do for normal C functions. I'd have...
  2. shuall

    Guide Relocating Subactions;Gotos; and adding data to dat files

    tl;dr add data to end of body block, and add sizeof addition to file_size and body_size
  3. shuall

    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v5.0 - 11/21/2021)

    shell script version for mac or linux users http://pastebin.com/QEJ6jtLg
  4. shuall

    Guide Ice Climber's Guide

    Figured I'd post here, because I don't know if the other desync guide is updated. Did some testing on desync ice blocks. Measured frames from start of desync to first frame of ice block startup. Spot-dodge took 34 frames, roll takes 39, and optimal dash dance desync comes out in 28. For the...
  5. shuall

    Guide Guide to Desynching: treat your opponents even more coldly

    Ha, yeah, I put up a post on this before, and I imagine some other IC mains found this themselves before me. Keep experimenting, I think this desync is cool, and would like to see it in play. I'm trying to use the dsmash desync to cover two options at once on someone's shield (dsmash->grab), but...
  6. shuall

    Smallest possible brawl iso

    I cannot, sorry. I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
  7. shuall

    New Melee Syntax school. You can WRITE character commands now!!

    Could I add healing effects to moves that don't already have self-damage? Could I add them to moves that aren't attacks (pichu's crouch)? I'm guessing I have to find some way to add these CC01XXXX attributes to moves where they aren't already there.
  8. shuall

    Melee Gecko Codes + Guide and Discussion

    Exactly. It's possible that this never becomes an issue.
  9. shuall

    Melee Gecko Codes + Guide and Discussion

    Without knowing how the gamecube loads data/instructions into cache, it's hard to tell. Similarly, without any profiling tools, it's hard to tell how much the placement of code causes cache misses or slowdown. It's possible there could be cache misses and there's no noticable slowdowns. I more...
  10. shuall

    Stage Hacking: NEW Research + Documentation

    can you just give me the file and offset? I'm interested as to what type of struct you changed, and might be able to give you lists of different places in other files that you could do the same thing to.
  11. shuall

    Leveling up Nana's 'Reference AI'

    The most I'd heard or read before was that she smashes more when popo is above 100%. I don't even know if that's right now.
  12. shuall

    Nana threw away from edge while standing on it?

    You think it's at all related to her normally standing by you when you're on the edge, but if you hit her to the other side of the stage or on a platform edge, she'll sometimes stand by that edge instead?
  13. shuall

    Nana threw away from edge while standing on it?

    Standing on left platform on yoshi's in training mode dash grab fox on left side of platform, so facing left, furthest left I could possibly be on the left platform. Dthrow handoff to nana. Nana backthrows onto the stage... Cannot recreate... Has anything similar happened to anyone before? Do...
  14. shuall

    Leveling up Nana's 'Reference AI'

    Nana goes into AI when popo is grabbing ledge as well, but you have to constantly refresh popo if you don't want to die. I'm thinking of testing nana on the teeter on platform edge, on ground edge, and ledge grab desyncs to see if she acts differently.
  15. shuall

    Leveling up Nana's 'Reference AI'

    That's fair, I'll try it again, keeping that in mind. However, if nana's percent is even slightly different (+-1%) than popo's then we wouldn't see the changes where popo 79% has her not doing aerials, and 80% she does aerials. Also, nana AI is going to be slightly different than popo AI, or...
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